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US plans to strengthen ties with India to deter China

US plans to strengthen ties with India to deter China

US plans to strengthen ties with India to deter China
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By CNBCTV18.com Oct 28, 2022 1:17:00 PM IST (Published)

The US National Defence Strategy mentions India as a key partner to the US for deterring Chinese aggression and ensuring free access to the Indian Ocean region.

The Biden administration plans to advance its defence ties with India to enhance its ability to deter Chinese aggression, address grey zone coercion and ensure free access to the Indian Ocean region, according to the US National Defense Strategy (NDS) 2022 released on Thursday.

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Washington has termed China as the most consequential strategic competitor to the US for the coming decades, and the NDS has committed to deepening America's major defence partnership with allies including India. The NDS states that the US will support allies and partners in "grey zone coercion" by China, including at the disputed border with India, ANI reported.
The document was released by the US Defence Department as an unclassified defence strategy that nests beneath President Biden's National Security Strategy.
The document mentioned that China presents "the most consequential and systemic challenge", while Russia poses threats to vital US national interests.
"The most comprehensive and serious challenge to US national security is the PRC's coercive and increasingly aggressive endeavour to refashion the Indo-Pacific region and the international system to suit its interests and authoritarian preferences," the document said, as per the ANI report.
In a section on the Indo-Pacific region, the NDS states that the US Pentagon will "reinforce and build out a resilient security architecture" to sustain a "free and open regional order and deter attempts to resolve disputes by force". As per the strategy, the US will modernise its alliance with Japan and strengthen and deepen its alliance with Australia and foster advanced tech cooperation through AUKUS and Quad.
It is in this section that the strategy speaks of India as it said, "The Department will advance our Major Defense Partnership with India to enhance its ability to deter PRC aggression and ensure free and open access to the Indian Ocean region."
It further said, "The Department will also support Ally and partner efforts, in accordance with the US policy and international law, to address acute forms of grey zone coercion from the PRC's campaigns to establish control over the East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, and disputed land borders such as with India."
The NDS includes the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) of the US and the Missile Defence Review (MDR). The NPR is a legislatively mandated review that describes US nuclear strategy, policy, posture, forces and outlines the course of action for the Pentagon. The NPR reaffirms that the role of US nukes is to deter nuclear attacks on the country and its partners. While the Missile Defence Review is conducted to address the legislative requirement to assess US missile defence policy and strategy.
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