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Russia-Ukraine war highlights: 480 missiles fired at Ukraine so far; both countries agree on need for evacuation corridors

Russia-Ukraine war highlights: 480 missiles fired at Ukraine so far; both countries agree on need for evacuation corridors

Russia-Ukraine war highlights: 480 missiles fired at Ukraine so far; both countries agree on need for evacuation corridors
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Russia-Ukraine War news highlights: Russian shelling has intensified around a town near Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant. Russia and Ukraine have agreed for a third round of peace talks, after the second round on Thursday failed to end in a breakthrough. A Bloomberg report has claimed that Russia is planning public executions as and when cities fall in Ukraine. United Nations human rights office on Thursday said it has confirmed that 249 civilians have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Ukrainian President Volodimyr Zelenskyy has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet him face-to-face, saying it is the only way to end this war. The Russian military intensified its assault on Ukrainian cities on Thursday, capturing at least one city, Kherson, in the south and pressed further into the strategic port towns of Odessa and Mariupol, as the war entered into its eighth day. The attack on Ukraine's second largest city Kharkiv with rockets and cruise missile continues, even as a 64-km long armoured column moved slowly towards the capital city of Kyiv. On Thursday, the International Criminal Court fast-tracked an investigation into possible war crimes by Russia. German automaker Volskswagen became the latest manufacture to halt production in Russia over the conflict. India continues Operation Ganga to evacuate its citizens, mostly students, with New Delhi once again abstaining a key UN General Assembly resolution against Russia on Wednesday. In a separate development, PM Modi will join a crucial Quad leaders' virtual summit today. Brent oil prices have surged $118 per bbl as supply side concerns persist amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

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With that we wrap the LIVE coverage on the war between Russia and Ukraine for the day. Do join us tomorrow for all the top developments on the crisis between the European neighbours. Until then, stay logged on to for more news, views and other updates.

Mar 4, 2022 1:21 AM

Ukraine, Russia agree on need for evacuation corridors as war rages

Russia and Ukraine have agreed on the need to set up humanitarian corridors and a possible ceasefire around them for fleeing civilians, both sides said after talks on Thursday, in their first sign of progress on any issue since the invasion. But while Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said the talks had made "substantial progress," Russian invasion forces surrounded and bombarded Ukrainian cities as the conflict entered its second week. A Ukrainian negotiator said the talks had not yielded the results Kyiv hoped for, but the two sides had reached an understanding on evacuating civilians. In Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin, brushing aside worldwide condemnation of the invasion, said his military operation was going according to plan and hailed his soldiers as heroes in a televised address.

Mar 4, 2022 1:10 AM

US, UK impose more sanctions on Russian oligarchs

While the UK has announced sanctions on Russian oligarchs Alisher Usmanov and Igor Shuvalov following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US on Thursday said it will impose sanctions on an array of Russian oligarchs and the Kremlin spokesman, the White House said. Washington is taking aim at those close to Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. The US imposed full blocking sanctions on several oligarchs and officials, as well as some of their companies, the White House said. Those designated include Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov, the founder of Russian mining company Metalloinvest, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The United States will also impose visa restrictions on 19 Russian oligarchs, their family members and associates, the White House said in a statement, and will also issue sanctions against Russian entities and individuals who enable the country's spread of disinformation.

Mar 4, 2022 12:57 AM

US says Russia has fired 480 missiles so far

US officials say Russia has fired 480 missiles at Ukraine as Russian troops make more progress in the south, but are largely stalled in the north. The official says about 90 per cent of the Russian combat power that had been arrayed around Ukraine is now in the country. Specifically, the official said that the majority of the Russian missile launches since the war began - or more than 230 of them - are coming from mobile systems within Ukraine. More than 150 missiles have been fired from within Russia, more than 70 from Belarus and only a very small number from ships in the Black Sea. Ukrainian air defenses are still intact and have been effective against the missiles, the official said. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss military assessments, said Russian progress in the south has been aided by the country's eight-year presence in Crimea, where Russia has built infrastructure and systems to sustain troops. As a result, the supply lines to troops in the south are much shorter and more effective. The official said the US has not seen any Russian naval activity or other appreciable moves by Russia to move on Odesa. He said he is not challenging Ukrainian reports of activity there, but that the US can't independently confirm them.

Mar 4, 2022 12:54 AM

Russia says new round of talks expected soon

Russian negotiators in talks with Ukraine say another round of talks will likely be held shortly. Vladimir Medinsky, Russian President Vladimir Putin's adviser who led the Russian delegation in the talks Thursday in Belarus near the Polish border, said the parties' positions are absolutely clear, they are written down point by point, including issues related to a political settlement of the conflict. He added without elaboration that mutual understanding was found on part of them. He confirmed that Russia and Ukraine reached a tentative agreement to create safe corridors for civilians to exit besieged cities and observe local cease-fires in areas where they will be created. Leonid Slutsky, a senior Russian lawmaker who was part of the Russian delegation in talks, said that the details of safe corridors will need to be worked out quickly. He said that the next round of talks could lead to agreements, some of which would need to be ratified by Russian and Ukrainian parliaments.

Mar 4, 2022 12:39 AM

US targets Putin's press secretary, more Russian oligarchs with sanctions, visa bans

Washington in targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary and more Russian oligarchs with sanctions and visa bans, AP reported. Even as Russia pushes with its invasion of Ukraine, Western countries are trying to economically dent Moscow. In the latest, two oil tankers owned and managed by Russia's largest maritime and freight shipping company, Sovcomflot, which was blacklisted by the US last week as part of sanctions against the country, are rerouting from their Canadian destinations, according to tracking data and marine sources, Reuters reported. The tankers are the first Russian-owned oil vessels to change course after Canada this week ratcheted up pressure on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine by shutting ports to Russian-owned ships and barring them from Canadian waters. The Liberia-flagged tanker SCF Neva carrying crude oil changed course from Canada's Saint John port on Thursday and is now headed to the Caribbean, sources and vessel data show.

Mar 4, 2022 12:38 AM

Zelenskyy asks Putin to meet -- 'I don't bite'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet him, salting the proposal with sarcasm. Sit down with me to negotiate, just not at 30 meters," he said Thursday, apparently referring to recent photos of Putin sitting at one end of an extremely long table when he met with French President Emmanuel Macron. I don't bite. What are you afraid of? Zelenskyy said at a Thursday news conference. Zelenskyy said it was sensible to have talks: Any words are more important than shots.

Mar 4, 2022 12:17 AM

EU backs move to give Ukraine refugees temporary residency

European Union interior ministers gave unanimous backing on Thursday to a plan to grant temporary residency to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, which should come into force within days. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin described as "important and historic" the backing for a package that would offer Ukrainians rights similar to those of formal refugees for a year, and subject to possible renewal. The protective measures will apply to Ukrainians and those who had long-term residency or refugee status in Ukraine, sparing them from going through lengthy asylum procedures. EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said almost 1 million people had already fled Ukraine, entering EU territory via Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, but the EU had shown unprecedented unity and ability to act in the past few days.

Mar 4, 2022 12:01 AM

Russian forces seize key Ukrainian port

Russian forces battled for control of a vital energy-producing city in Ukraine's south on Thursday and also gained ground in their bid to cut off the country from the sea, as Ukrainian leaders called on citizens to wage guerrilla war against the invaders.

Mar 4, 2022 12:01 AM

European Council president: No-fly zone over Ukraine is "one step too far" 

European Council President Charles Michel said on Thursday that enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine is a NATO decision, but that it would be “one step too far” with a “real risk of escalation and a real risk of a possible third international war.” 

“The EU is not at war with Russia. The reality is that Russia has launched a savage war against Ukraine. Ukraine is not a NATO member, and that’s why we must be extremely careful and cautious. We need to do everything which is possible, but taking into account that Russia has nuclear weapons, and it is very important to avoid a third international war,” he said in an interview with CNN. 

Mar 3, 2022 11:54 PM

Russian shelling intensifies around town near Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant 

A small town in the middle of Ukraine has suddenly become a hotspot in the week-old conflict — because it's home to one of Europe's largest nuclear power plants. Two days ago, Russian forces said they controlled the territory around the town of Enerhodar, but on Wednesday a large crowd of workers from the power plant and civilians blocked access to the town, building makeshift barricades of trucks and tires.    

At one point, Russian forces fired close to the crowd, according to geolocated social media videos, injuring at least one man.   The situation deteriorated further Thursday. Thick black smoke rose from the barricades as sirens went off in the town, according to videos CNN has geolocated and authenticated.  

Mar 3, 2022 11:51 PM

Pentagon says Russian forces remain stalled in Ukraine’s north

Russian operations in northern Ukraine appeared to be stalled for a third day as the Kremlin sent more troops into the country, a senior defense official said Thursday morning, adding that Ukrainian forces may be attacking a convoy of Russian forces attempting to take the major northern cities of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Kharkiv, The New York Times reported.

The official, who was not authorised to speak publicly, provided an update to reporters at the Pentagon of what the Defense Department has observed of Russian operations. The official said that Russia has now committed 90 percent of its more than 150,000-soldier invasion force inside Ukraine. On Wednesday morning, a senior defense official had placed that figure at 82 percent.

Mar 3, 2022 11:49 PM

Fed's Powell: Russia's war on Ukraine will worsen inflation

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned Thursday that Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has already driven up oil prices, will likely further magnify the high inflation that has engulfed the U.S. economy. At the same time, Powell said he is committed to doing whatever it will take to slow inflation, underscoring the Fed's high-risk challenge in raising interest rates enough to stem price increases without tipping the economy into another recession.

The Fed chair, addressing the Senate Banking Committee on his second day of semiannual testimony to Congress on interest rate policies, stressed his belief that the economy is strong enough to withstand higher borrowing costs. His expression of confidence echoed his testimony Wednesday that the Fed can engineer a soft landing" in which the economy would slow enough to ease inflation even while hiring and growth remain healthy. (Image: Reuters)

Russia-Ukraine war highlights: 480 missiles fired at Ukraine so far; both countries agree on need for evacuation corridors
Mar 3, 2022 11:47 PM

Russia to appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport over football suspensions

The Russian Football Union (RFU) will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the decisions by FIFA and UEFA to bar Russian teams from international competitions over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, it said on Thursday. The union said in a statement it would file one lawsuit against the two governing bodies to demand that Russian men's and women's national teams be allowed to compete, including in qualifying for this year's World Cup in Qatar.

Mar 3, 2022 11:43 PM

Second-biggest Russian oil producer calls for end to war

Russia's second-largest oil producer Lukoil is calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. In a statement on its website, the company said it was concerned by the "tragic events in Ukraine" and supported the negotiations to end the conflict. Its board called for "the immediate cessation of the armed conflict and fully supports its resolution through the negotiation process and through diplomatic means". The company is thought to be one of the first major Russian firms to speak out against the invasion.

Russia-Ukraine war highlights: 480 missiles fired at Ukraine so far; both countries agree on need for evacuation corridors
Mar 3, 2022 11:41 PM