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    Israel-Palestine conflict highlights: Israel destroys Gaza tower housing AP and Al Jazeera offices; Hezbollah fighter killed at Israel border buried

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    Israel-Palestine conflict highlights: Israel destroys Gaza tower housing AP and Al Jazeera offices; Hezbollah fighter killed at Israel border buried


    Israel-Palestine Conflict highlights: The decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict has flared up yet again with Israel has now attacking Gaza from land, air, and sea. Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip continued early Saturday when an airstrike on a house in Gaza City killed at least seven Palestinians — the highest number of fatalities in a single hit. According to the latest government figures, 137 Palestinians -- including 36 children -- have been killed, while 9 Israelis died. The death toll is expected to rise as Israeli assaults hit the Shati refugee camp in Gaza, killing at least two women and six children, while others are buried under the rubble. According to UN approximations, 10,000 Palestinians have left their homes to take refugee in UN shelters. Despite international calls of an immediate halt of hostilities, Hamas fired another barrage of rockets towards Israel killing nine. Meanwhile, violence continues to brew in the occupied West Bank, killing 11 Palestinians. Catch all the live updates here.

    Israel-Palestine conflict highlights: Israel destroys Gaza tower housing AP and Al Jazeera offices; Hezbollah fighter killed at Israel border buried
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    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Iraqis hold anti-Israel protests after call by cleric, militias

      Chanting crowds gathered in several Iraqi cities on Saturday, some burning Israeli and American flags, in protest against the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

    • AP statement on Israeli attack on building housing AP office

      An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets on Saturday. All AP employees and freelancers evacuated the building safely. AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt has released the following statement: We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP's bureau and other news organizations in Gaza. They have long known the location of our bureau and knew journalists were there. We received a warning that the building would be hit. We are seeking information from the Israeli government and are engaged with the U.S. State Department to try to learn more. This is an incredibly disturbing development. We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life. A dozen AP journalists and freelancers were inside the building and thankfully we were able to evacuate them in time. The world will know less about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Hezbollah fighter killed at Israel border buried

      Hundreds of people have participated in the funeral of a Hezbollah fighter who was shot dead along the Lebanon-Israel border during a rally denouncing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The funeral of Mohammed Tahhan was held in his hometown of Adloun in southern Lebanon on Saturday afternoon. The 21-year-old man died of wounds sustained on Friday, shortly after he was struck during the protest at the border.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Tensions rise as Palestinian march aims to defy Paris ban

      Marches in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were being held Saturday in a dozen French cities, but the focus was on Paris, where riot police got ready as organizers said they would defy a ban on the protest.

    • Thousands of people join protest in Madrid in support of Palestinians

      Thousands joined a protest in Madrid on Saturday in support of the Palestinian people after six days of conflict with Israel.

    • Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera collapses after missile strike

      A 12-storey Gaza tower block housing the offices of the US-based Associated Press and Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera collapsed on Saturday after being struck by Israeli missiles, a Reuters witness said. The owner of the building had been warned in advance of an impending Israeli missile strike, a Reuters reporter said, and the building had been evacuated. The Israeli military did not immediately provide comment on the incident. The building also contained a number of apartments and other offices.

    • Won't allow elements to disturb peace in Valley over Palestine situation: J-K Police

      The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Saturday said it is keeping a close watch on elements attempting to leverage the situation in Palestine to disturb peace and order in the valley and would not allow cynical encashment of the public anger to trigger violence and lawlessness. It warned that irresponsible social media comments that result in actual violence and breaking of law, including COVID protocol, will attract legal action.

    • Military: Building housing Gaza AP office to be targeted

      The owner of a Gaza high-rise housing the AP and other media outlets says he has received a call from the Israeli military that the building would be targeted. Jawwad Mahdi said he was told to go into the building to make sure all residents have evacuated. He was told he had an hour to make sure everyone has left the building.

    • Iranian minister cancels Austrian visit over Israeli flag

      Iran's foreign minister cancelled a visit with his Austrian counterpart to show displeasure that Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's government had flown the Israeli flag in Vienna in a show of solidarity, the Austrian foreign ministry said on Saturday.

    • Saudis to host meeting of Muslim nations' FMs

      Saudi Arabia has called for foreign ministers of the world's largest body of Muslim nations to hold a meeting Sunday. The gathering is to discuss Israeli acts of violence against Palestinians and the Israeli police's use of force against protesters at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The kingdom will host the virtual summit, gathering ministers of the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the Israeli aggression in the Palestinian territory, particularly acts of violence in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the body said Saturday.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Protesters march in Sydney, Melbourne against Israeli attacks on Gaza

      Several thousand people marched in Sydney and hundreds in Melbourne on Saturday, protesting against Israeli attacks on Gaza amid days of conflict between the two sides.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Read how the Israeli military used media to trick Hamas on Friday and why it rocked already the rocky relationship between the military and the foreign media

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10, unrest spreads to West Bank

      An Israeli air raid in Gaza City killed at least 10 Palestinians, mostly children, early Saturday in the deadliest single strike since the battle with Gaza's militant Hamas rulers erupted earlier this week. Both sides pressed for an advantage as cease-fire efforts gathered strength. The latest outburst of violence began in Jerusalem and has spread across the region, with Jewish-Arab clashes and rioting in mixed cities of Israel. There were also widespread Palestinian protests Friday in the occupied West Bank, where Israeli forces shot and killed 11 people. (via AP)

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israeli military accused of using media to trick Hamas

      Early Friday, just after midnight, the Israeli military put out an ominous statement to the media: “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.” The terse statement set off frenzied speculation that Israel had launched a ground invasion of Gaza — a much-feared scenario that would mark a bloody escalation of this week’s operation against Hamas militants. Some reporters were even told outright the incursion had begun. Hours later, the military issued a “clarification.” There were no troops inside Gaza. But by then, several major news outlets had erroneously reported the ground offensive was under way. While the army attempted to play down the incident as a misunderstanding, well-placed Israeli military commentators said the media had been used as part of an elaborate ruse to lure Hamas militants into a deadly trap that may have killed dozens of fighters. “They didn’t lie,” said Or Heller, a veteran military correspondent on Israel’s Channel 13 TV. “It was a manipulation. It was smart and it was successful.”

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Radical rabbi's followers rise in Israel amid new violence

      In the 1980s, Rabbi Meir Kahane's violent anti-Arab ideology was considered so repugnant that Israel banned him from parliament and the U.S. listed his party as a terrorist group. Today, his disciples march through the streets by the hundreds, chanting Death to Arabs and assaulting any they come across. This week, they took part in a wave of communal violence in Jerusalem and mixed cities across Israel in which Arabs and Jews viciously attacked people and torched cars.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Thousands gather in Nablus to denounce Israeli occupation

      Thousands of Palestinians marched in the occupied West Bank early on Saturday to denounce the continued Israeli occupation and bombardment. The protesters were heading home after dawn prayers when they joined the march in the city of Nablus, according to a video posted on social media by Safa Press agency. (via Al Jazeera)

    • Update | Israeli police are saying that nine people were injured during violent unrest surrounding the arrest of a senior Islamist leader in northern Israel. That's a higher toll than media reports had earlier. Four are reported to be in serious condition.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: 3 rockets shot at Israel from Syria

      The Israeli military says it has identified three rockets fired from Syria toward Israeli territory on Friday. The military said in a statement that one of the rockets landed inside Syria in the evening hours. There was no immediate comment from Damascus. The incident comes amid a violent escalation between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers this week that has been compounded by an eruption of ethnic clashes inside Israel as well and violence in the occupied West Bank. (from AP)

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israeli airstrike on Gaza house kills at least 7

      An Israeli airstrike on a house in Gaza City has killed at least seven Palestinians. The airstrike early Saturday in the western part of Gaza City recorded the highest number of fatalities in a single hit. The militant group Hamas reported the number is likely to rise as efforts to recover casualties from under the rubble of the house on the edge of Shati refugee camp are still ongoing. There was no immediate update from the Health Ministry and its spokesman did not answer calls for comment. Said Alghoul, who lives nearby, said Israeli warplanes dropped at least three bombs on the three-story house without warning its residents in advance. “I saw the bodies of four people, including children, being rushed to the hospital,” he said. “I could not endure and ran back to my home.” (via AP)

    • West Bank erupts in protest amid more Israel-Hamas fighting
      Turmoil from the battle between Israel and Hamas spilled over into the West Bank on Friday, sparking the most widespread Palestinian protests in years as hundreds of young demonstrators in multiple…
      Israel-Palestine conflict highlights: Israel destroys Gaza tower housing AP and Al Jazeera offices; Hezbollah fighter killed at Israel border buried
    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israel steps up attacks on Gaza, uses ground forces for the first time

      Israeli ground forces bombed the Gaza Strip with artillery on Friday, escalating the ongoing conflict that has already brought violence on Israeli streets. Even as world leaders continued to call for calm, and American, Egyptian officials tried to broker an end to the violence, fighting instead heated up, with the death toll mounting, most on the Palestinian side. To date, Gaza -- controlled by Hamas -- has fired over 1,800 rockets, while Israel has fired over 150 strikes from jets and drones, authorities from both sides confirmed. "This is the largest focused operation against a focused target that we have conducted so far, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said. Another spokesman said IDF has deployed over 160 aircraft at once in the attack. The IDF clarified that no Israeli troops were actually in Gaza despite reports to the contrary. Overnight, Hamas launched dozens of rocket killing an 87-year-old woman who was looking for a cover. The conflict erupted between the two sides on Monday after clashes between protesters and Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. (via The New York Times)

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israel attacks from air, land, sea, Palestinians flee

      Israel continued to bombard the Gaza Strip with air raids, artillery shells on Saturday, and now it has stepped up the deployment of troops near the besieged Palestinian enclave, reported Al Jazeera. Families in the Strip fled with their children and possessions as the pounding continued. The already escalating conflict was triggered when violent attacks shook the occupied West Bank and Israeli army killed seven Palestinians by fire (also igniting the Arab-Jew violence at the same time).

    • As tensions between Israel and Palestine escalate and more casulaties are reported from Gaza, we will continue to bring to you the top developments on the violence between the two countries. For all the top developments, stay logged on to CNBCTV18.com.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Israeli PM Netanyahu says it's 'not over yet'

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that Israel had no plans on relenting its attacks against Hamas in Gaza, after heavy bombardment targeting the Islamists in the Palestinian enclave. “They attacked our capital, they fired rockets at our cities. They’re paying and will continue to pay dearly for that," he said following security consultations at the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv. “It’s not over yet." The death toll in West Bank rose to 10 in May 15 and the Israeli Defense Forces tweeted: "We just stopped another Hamas attempt to fire toward Israel. Our aircraft & Maglan unit struck and neutralized an Anti-Tank Missile squad, 2 Anti-Tank Missile launch sites & a surface-to-surface rocket launch site belonging to Hamas in Gaza."

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: US sending new aid to Palestinians as conflict intensifies

      The Biden administration notified Congress this week that it will send millions of dollars in U.S. assistance to the Palestinians aimed at promoting peace with Israel even as violence between the two sides rages. As the conflict intensifies despite U.S. calls for restraint, the administration notified Congress on Thursday that it will provide $10 million to Palestinian groups in the West Bank and Gaza to support exchange and reconciliation projects with Israelis. The recipients of the aid were not named. The State Department said Friday that the money is part of more than $100 million that the administration allocated to the Palestinians earlier this year, reversing a near total cutoff in support under former President Donald Trump. In a notice to lawmakers obtained by The Associated Press, the U.S. Agency for International Development said the $10 million would go to support people-to-people efforts to bring together conflict-affected groups to address divisions that may be rooted in group differences such as ethnicity, religion, status, class, or political affiliation in areas affected by conflict and civil war.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: No normal life for Israelis in range of Gaza rockets

      Sirens wail, radio broadcasts are interrupted, cellphones beep with Red Alerts every few seconds, and warning messages flash up on TV. When you hear them, rush for cover. This has become the routine across large areas of central and southern Israel, from small towns bordering Gaza to metropolitan Tel Aviv and southern Beersheva. More than 2,000 rockets have been launched by Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups into Israel this week alone, amid the most serious fighting between Israel and Gaza militants since 2014. It's not a routine you can ever get used to, said Lior Dabush from the coastal city of Ashkelon, about 12 km (7 miles) north of Gaza. "We rarely leave the house," Dabush, 37, said from her apartment's 'safe' room - a mandatory feature for all new homes in Israel - where she now sleeps with her two children. "We take short showers and we don't venture far from home," she told Reuters. "At times my eight-year-old son does not want to leave the safe room."

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: UN chief appeals for halt to Israel-Gaza clash

      The UN chief is appealing for an immediate halt to fighting between Gaza and Israel. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned on Friday that the conflict could "unleash an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis and to further foster extremism, not only in the Palestinian territory and Israel but also elsewhere in the region. A U.N. spokesman said Guterres is urging the parties to allow mediation efforts to intensify and end the fighting more quickly. Stephane Dujarric says the U.N. is actively involved in those mediation efforts. Guterres also reiterated his commitment to support Palestinians and Israelis in resolving the conflict, including through the so-called Quartet of Middle East mediators the U.N., the U.S., the European Union and Russia.

    • Israel-Palestine conflict LIVE updates: Abbas urges UN, US to intervene with Israel

      Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is condemning the brutal and programmed killings of Palestinians amid the escalation in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. The Palestinian presidency said that Abbas holds the Israeli government fully responsible for the escalation Friday, which rippled anew through the occupied West Bank.

    The Israel-Palestine exodus began soon after the Israeli missiles struck the Gaza apartment building.
    Carrying luggage, personal documents and valuables, residents walked away from the damaged structure, where an air strike wrecked two apartments that they said was used by the Interior Ministry, run by Gaza's ruling Hamas militant group. Some children clutched dolls.
    "Israel is bombing civilians in their homes because they are unable to face the men from the resistance. We are easier targets for them," said one woman, who gave her name only as Umm Hassan.
    Residents on both sides have sought cover as rocket attacks and air strikes have escalated since Monday into the heaviest fighting between Israel and Hamas since a 2014 war in Gaza. Israel rejects allegations that it targets civilians.
    Without referring to any specific incident, Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus told reporters: "We are definitely very mindful of civilian casualties in Gaza and we want to minimise them. That's the priority."
    In Tel Aviv, where sirens blared repeatedly early on Wednesday, heralding rocket barrages launched from Gaza, Margo Aronovic, a 26-year-old student, spoke of "a really scary night".
    Nir Livnat, 26, a construction services worker, said his adrenaline kicked in when the sirens sounded.
    "You know you need to find a shelter," he said. "After you find a shelter, you see everybody. It's very (warming) to see everybody helping each other. We take care of each other."
    In a separate Israeli air strike in Gaza that destroyed a multi-storey apartment building and which local residents said also housed a Hamas office, Israel had warned its occupants to leave. And out they came.
    There was no such tip-off before the strike against the building that housed the Interior Ministry's "Foreign Affairs Department", which issued entry permits to Gaza, one resident, Nawal Khader, told Reuters.
    One of the missiles struck the road outside the building, sending smoke and dust into apartments. "They didn't warn us. We would have left before the airstrikes if they did," Khader said.
    UK, Egypt, and Russia says that Israel needs to stop the violence and bloodshed in Gaza and start de-escalation, pronto.
    Video shows Israelis attempting to break into a Palestinian home
    Fifth day into the conflict, Israel continues barreling missiles into Gaza and even though it hasn't entered the borders of the state, violence ensues.
    New Israel missiles hit Gaza Strip, the death toll in Gaza crosses 100.
    Israeli Defense Force has clarified that there are no IDF troops inside the Gaza Strip. It comes hours after they confirmed the presence of the troops inside the strip.
    Israel-Palestine battle two enemies: coronavirus and each other.
    US congresswoman calls Israeli PM an ethnic-nationalist leader.
    Israel now targets Gaza tunnels
    A stray bullet in the thigh injured a boy in West Bank as the clashes between West Bank residents and Israelis continue since last night.
    Several Bangladeshis come on the road to protest against Israel
    The protests that erupted in West Bank and Jordan continue to rave even as the death toll mounts.
    Radical Rabbi's followers rise in Israel amid new violence.

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