Baidu unveiled its much-anticipated artificial intelligence-powered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, giving the world a glimpse of what could be China’s ChatGPT.

Alibaba Group is developing a ChatGPT-style tool currently in internal testing. It said large language models and generative AI have been areas of focus since 2017.

Tencent Holdings is conducting research on the ChatGPT-tool technology and will continue to invest in AI research based on its current technical reserves.

A team from China’s Fudan University launched a ChatGPT-like chatbot they called MOSS. The platform, however, crashed hours after its launch due a surge in traffic.

E-commerce company JD.Com plans to launch a product similar to ChatGPT that would be called ChatJD and will be aimed at serving other businesses. 

China Telecom is developing an industrial version of ChatGPT for telecommunications, which will use AI in some customer service functions.

Gaming firm NetEase plans to deploy large language models technology to serve its education business.

360 Security Technology Inc possessed language model technology but that it could not give a clear indication on when it would launch any related products.

Short video app Kuaishou Technology is conducting research on large language models, which it will use to improve its products such as AI customer service.

Inspur Electronic Information Industry said it has invested in AI-Generated Content from arithmetic, algorithms to the application of the technology.