The Arab world is hosting its first World Cup this year in the country of Qatar, which is primarily made up of deserts.

This is the shortest World Cup ever with 28 days (November 20-December 18)

First Winter World Cup: To avoid the potential health risks of playing in extreme desert conditions, dates were pushed back to Nov-Dec.

A record 1.5 million spectators are anticipated to attend the Qatar World Cup.

Visa-free entry from 80 countries

With an area of 11,000 sq kms, Qatar will be the smallest country to host the World Cup.

8 stadiums spread across 5 cities in Qatar will stage 64 matches involving 32 teams.

The estimated total cost of construction of the stadiums is $8-10 billion. 7 of these are brand-new.

Al Rihla Pro, which translates to “The Journey,” is the 14th FIFA World Cup ball that Adidas has created.

The unbroken loop in the emblem depicts the number eight, or the host stadiums, as well as the infinity sign.

The La’eeb, the mascot, is Arabic for “super skilled player.”