Strength loss in bones and muscles occurs earlier than you may imagine.

Our bones get less dense as we age, & our joints become stiffer. Our muscles also lose substance.

Our strength, coordination, & balance are affected by these changes.

Here are some activities you can do to maintain a healthy & strong body as you age.

Do three sets of 10 to 15 squats four times a week.

Begin with climbing & descending the stairs, then advance to sprinting or donning ankle weights.

Go for a Nordic stroll. The poles must be inclined backward & the arms straight to ensure that they push with each step.

A pull-up bar is useful even if you don’t perform pull-ups. Strengthening your grasp & arms by hanging for a minute at a time can be beneficial.

For your core & hips, use sliders. The easiest way to start using sliders in your workouts is by adding them to plank variations to work your core.

Foam rolling is great for people who sit at a desk all day, have poor posture, joint issues, or bad form while exercising.

Disclaimer: The activities mentioned, is not medical advice. Kindly consult a professional if you have health issues.