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What dating is like for an entrepreneur

What dating is like for an entrepreneur

What dating is like for an entrepreneur
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By Nidhi Agarwal  Jun 6, 2018 11:23:28 PM IST (Updated)

It's like you became the primary test subject to cliches and pick up lines that men are notorious for.

What a whirlwind it would be specially when you're among the chosen few who get to call ourselves "entrepreneurs," and then be a lady-entrepreneur!

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It's like you became the primary test subject to cliches and pick up lines that men are notorious for.
From "I've seen you somewhere" to "you've been on my news feed all week" to "wow CEO and a woman, now that's sexy" we've heard it all.
And as if that's not enough when you call them out on it, their blatant answer is "well it's true".
So what do you do then? Clearly you don't know what it's like to be shy our coy because remember you're an entrepreneur (and you're all passion or emotionally bankrupt, depending on where you are on your fund-raising cycle) you basically just admire these guys for their chutzpah!
So here are some observations of how men would treat you, this is restricted to a sample set of 6 so it is biased and statistically insignificant!
  1. They know "no mess". So they pussyfoot around you, ask you and not tell you because they know you can't be "told". From "I'll be back at 5 o'clock and then let's get drinks" to "I'll be back at 5 o'clock and we can get drinks if you're in the mood". Call it respect of free will, or the recognition thereof, it's appreciated, trust me.
  2. They will assume you're hard to get, probably because you're crazy busy, and hence persist. From sending text messages without waiting for responses, to food while you work late at night. It'll be delivered as you like it.
  3. They'll pretend to know your work because it's "business" and heck men know "business" at the very least, no?
  4. So they'll give you advice. Most times you'll be like "oh, what's new that you're telling me," in your mind, but then you know better and you intently listen and say cute things like "oh, thanks I didn't think of this."
    This really is a value added service.
  5. They'll ask you periodically if they can "help with anything."
  6. Trust me the answer is not the dishes.
    It's probably their attempt to further do as mentioned in the third point. Some will genuinely come up with help and trust you me, it's always great to get help.
  7. Patronising with "it must be so tough especially as a woman," really the brain is cranking alarm signals, yelling, "no way! Don't go there... Oh man! I wish you hadn't". Not sympathy; empathy would just about suffice, please. Try it!
  8. Well now that I have said it like I see it it's a fact that there aren't a whole lot of us. But, we are in fact sort of just like the other girls, insistent and emotional. So really there isn't a need to pussyfoot or treat us any different. You'd probably have to settle with us having our own thought process as most women do.
    In recognition of the brave new breed of women entrepreneurs and then those men who've "bravely gone where no (well, not many) men have" I'll admit it's slim pickings. Intelligent, intense men who'll emotionally identify with your trials and stand by with you in your frequent tribulations are few but not necessarily far between.
    Having said that, to be recognised for the bravery and perhaps the bravado of choosing a tough life is always gratifying! So guys, bring on the compliments but then remember taking about "all work" will make Jack a dull boy!
    Disclaimer: The characters mentioned above have no resemblance to any person(s) living, barely surviving or dead. 
    Nidhi Agarwal is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Your Nest Venture Fund. Up till recently she was the Founder & CEO of KAARYAH, a tech enabled brand of western wear for women. Nidhi’s columns will take a deep look at the world of women entrepreneurship from the vantage of her experience. 
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