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How to prepare for job search: Here are a few tips

How to prepare for job search: Here are a few tips
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By Nilesh Gaikwad  Sept 19, 2019 12:38:32 PM IST (Updated)

Today’s professionals have to not only be adept in the technical aspects relevant to their jobs but also be goal-oriented. 

The growing trend of globalisation has led to a gradual shift in employee tendencies vis-à-vis job satisfaction. The start-up boom during the first decade of this century meant that individuals, who may not have dared to go alone a decade back, were able to take their first steps into entrepreneurship. Growing incomes of an average family and easier access to quality education through private Institutions has increased the number of employable graduates. All of these factors have made organisations rethink their recruitment strategies.

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Earlier, organisations were contended to visit limited number of top colleges to satisfy their recruitment requirements. This trend continued up until a decade ago. Even in the initial phase of the start-up boom, ‘founders’ were generally from top institutions and preferred recruiting only from certain colleges. This trend got a re-look somewhere post 2010 when it was evident that an organisation should employ individuals who share the common goal rather than just a common school. Gradually, this understanding has spread to most of the employers. Companies now recruit in high numbers during lateral placements as well.
With the average duration per organisation heading downwards, today’s professionals have to not only be adept in the technical aspects relevant to their jobs but also be goal-oriented. While the colleges fair well with their ability to teach the former skills, the latter one grooms future leaders. This article will discuss some of the effective skills for helping oneself ace their job interviews.
  • Presentation
  • : An HR recruiter receives on an average 100s of job applications daily. These professionals follow a certain methodology to streamline the recruitment process – unless it is a position to be filled on an urgent basis. Jobseekers must ensure their resumes and other related documents present themselves adequately and the information provided by them should be relevant with the job requirements and up to date. I emphasise on the word ‘relevant’ as it could be a deciding factor in whether or not an application gets shortlisted.
  • Early risers: Preparing a job application is no rocket science; after all one is writing about own achievements. However, learning the rules within a specific geography could be a time-consuming factor. Unfortunately, most Indian professionals (in desperate need of a job) bring to fore the usage of ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ options in emailing, rather generously. Preparing the right job application takes time. The self-learning involved in these moments is huge. Starting early gives professionals the time required to better know an industry and their current standings. Once you know ‘Who you are’, networking will be fun.
  • Networking: In professional circles, networking events are the best place to ‘expand one’s network’ and to explain your current situation to the right executives. With growing work responsibilities and decreasing time factor, it is the ideal place for exploring mutually beneficial options. From meeting the right individuals to getting a chance to pitch one’s profile, the advantages are manifold. However, do remember that such events are not about getting a job but rather a foot-in to possible interviews. One of the best approaches to speaking with strangers in a networking event is by discussing common points of interests.
  • Curiosity: There is no bigger sin than to stop learning. The biggest mistake most professionals make once they start working, is to get ‘settled’ in their jobs. Knowledge of technical expertise is highly commendable but that technology keeps updating itself fully every few years. The aim of today’s professionals should be to ensure their profiles are recession-proof. In fact, most successful profiles have shown a strong urge to grow in their work and to take up more responsibilities. Being curious about one’s field and learning next-generation impacts are highly required.
  • College Career Cell: For students enrolled in higher studies, it is a good idea to follow their institution’s career programme closely. These modules are designed to assist students in their job search and get them interview ready. Students are initiated in the process of job search through mock interviews, industry interactions and company presentations. At EDHEC, corporate sponsors run credit-based courses to mentor students in their field of expertise. In the process, these partners are able to shortlist the interesting profiles. Most importantly, these programmes allow the students to be self-aware of their ambitions and the road to attaining them.
  • Alumni: The brand of a college is built on the achievements of their alumni network. Post finishing studies, these alumni become the first point of contact within their organisations for institutions to initiate a partnership. The performances of alumni provides a means for their employer to decide on such partnerships. Most alumni are quiet forthcoming for mentoring current students. Colleges also organise frequent get-togethers for the alumni to remain in touch with not only the college but also with each other. The easiest way to find one’s alumni is through the college’s placement cell or through LinkedIn.
  • Of course, this is a progressive list. Job search demands perseverance and a willingness to be self-aware. As this is an incremental process, training oneself to become better will ensures they are one-step closer to find their dream job.
    Nilesh Gaikwad is Country Manager at EDHEC Business School.
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