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Enabling Education: Know what do we need in future

Enabling Education: Know what do we need in future
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By Dr V Premachandran  Feb 22, 2023 11:22:33 AM IST (Updated)

One must empower the student to gain whatever skills that he needs during his active life. Hence the role of the educational system is to cater to this empowerment, writes Dr V Premachandran, Member of the working group at Kerala State Planning Board, and a former Senior Research Fellow at National University of Singapore.

The purpose of education is to prepare the young for their future needs and their future spans over sixty or seventy years. So, the question is what will be those needs for so many years and how does our educational system cater to those requirements.

Fast Changing World 
Even though the world continued its changes that too at a much faster pace, our educational system somehow remained quiet and still.  After more than thirty years of stagnation, Indian educational system now has the new National Education Policy (NEP 2020). Lot of catching up is required to make it to be in tune with the changes that has already taken place and to move ahead into the future.
Our finance minister recently announced the largest fund allocation to the education sector which only highlights the importance of the needed changes. However, since everyone is part of the education system in one way or other, either as a past or present student, teacher, educationalist or as a parent, it is not just the job of the government alone to bring about the required changes. Everyone must understand and play a part in it.
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