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Coach-Soch: Who is your role model?

Coach-Soch: Who is your role model?
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By Srinath Sridharan  Feb 19, 2022 1:05:10 PM IST (Updated)

A short business narrative (of a 3 min read) that sets the context, challenge(s) faced, the type of leadership involved and the questions to ponder about, to solve for the issues. This is not to give answers; for business & life in general is not like a school-guide-book. This column is to provoke the reader to think more. And to sensitise that each individual or organisation are unique, and the answers would depend on the situation, difference in organisational culture, context, etc.

To question, is to think. To think, is to introspect. To introspect, is to seek. To seek, is to be aware. To be aware, is when the journey begins.
Who is your role model?

Not coming from a pedigreed family or a landed family can be a boon too. That’s what contemporary India is observing currently.
The ability of young Indian professionals and entrepreneurs from lower and middle-class backgrounds, and from smaller towns, to rise up above the obstacles to create their own stamp of arrival in the business arena has been unprecedented. However, let’s celebrate failures too, for they are the attempts to rise out of mediocrity!
Note To Readers

Gender representation of his/he is only representative, and the leadership learnings here are gender-neutral // Disclaimer: The above observations are from the author’s experience in coaching-mentoring many individuals and teams across hierarchies, geographies, industries, and life stages of organisations and ideas.

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