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Young Turks: Here's how Jiovio is helping rural pregnant women with rudraksha mala


In this episode of Young Turks, we discuss the journey of Bengaluru-based Internet of Things (IoT) startup Jiovio Healthcare.

IoT startup JioVio, created multiple hardware products to address the problem of poor maternal healthcare in India. They finally zeroed down on a form factor that almost every woman loves – jewellery and all that jazz.
But it was only after a few iterations, co-founders Senthil Kumar and Dhinesh Pandian realised that in order to convince pregnant women to wear the device, especially in the rural parts of the country, they needed to rethink their product and add a desi touch.
So this Madurai-based startup built an IoT sensor in the shape of a rudraksha mala that can be paired with their flagship mobile app SaveMom. This intelligently masqueraded health device, continuously tracks six vital parameters like heart rate, blood glucose levels and even sleep patterns of the mother.
The patients’ data is stored in the cloud and gives doctors remote access to the medical information of the patient. Basically creating a digital health ecosystem and bringing healthcare at every user’s doorstep.
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