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Storyboard: Customising designs for consumers, says Bombay Dyeing

A customized bed sheet with an image of your favorite flower, travel destination or even a group picture with your friends. Sounds fun, right? Well, Bombay Dyeing has launched a new campaign to target the millennial consumer. And this campaign is all about customization.
A consumer can upload an image on the company's website and the customized bed sheet is delivered to their doorstep and that too at a reasonable price. What was the thought behind this customization find out from Aloke Banerjee, chief executive officer of Bombay Dyeing.
“The world is now moving towards customization completely. The more you can give your clientele what they want that is what it was there. We spend some time on research, we spend some time on doing our back-end properly to see how we can offer something to our consumers who have been with us being the number one brand in the country. The consumer who is there with us expects something more form us always. So, we said that why not give them customization. So we said that you send in your design and we customise the bedsheets and send it to you in 30 days all for Rs 1,999,” Aloke Banerjee said.

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