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Startup Street: The story behind Milkbasket, Bigbasket's profit journey & Oracle's data centre plan

Founded in 2015, Gurugram-based Milkbasket is a micro-delivery startup and as the name suggests, the initial idea was about delivering milk. Cut to 2019, the company has added many more verticals to its business model.
Startup Street decided to check-in to their headquarters to catch up with their co-founder and chief executive officer, Anant Goel to know more about the business model, future plans and also confirm a few rumours that have been doing the rounds.
Online grocer Bigbasket has launched a book on the culture that the e-grocer was built on and it was not 'jugaad'. In fact, they said Bigbasket is well on its path to profitability. Startup Street put two top executives on the hot seat to find out more.
After Microsoft, Google and Amazon, global IT giant Oracle today launched its first data centre in India. The move is part of Oracle's global plan to launch a data centre every 23 days for the next one year. Kritika Saxena put the managing director of Oracle India on the hot seat and began by asking him about the road ahead.
In India, Accenture Ventures tracks 1,300 deep-tech business-to-business startups and has engaged with 200 of them. Accenture helps these startups deploy solutions for their 2,000 global clients opening up a whole new world of opportunities. On Investor Eye, Sunny Sen caught up with Avnish Sabharwal, managing director of Accenture Ventures to talk more on the company's startup engagements.
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