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Startup Street: Google India's new top boss, the rise of Mastodon and keeping tabs on data compliance

Former Disney head Sanjay Gupta has been appointed as country manager for Google India and Startup Street tells you what he brings to the table.
Mastodon is a free and open-source social networking platform that was created in 2016. Startup Street will explain why it's trending and how it's different from other social media platforms.
Whatsapp Spyware attack has raised some serious concerns about privacy and the apps we use every day. A special discussion with Arindrajit Basu, research manager at Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) and Anand Prakash, founder of AppSecure.
Bengaluru-based Yashram Lifestyle Brands has filed a petition on contempt of court against lingerie retailer for continuing to manufacture products infringing on patents and against Myntra for selling the products on its platform.