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Start Up Street: raises $5 million and what makes CollPoll stand apart

Customer support automation platform, promoted by GrowthStory, has raised $5 million as a part of its series A round of funding. Start Up Street is in conversation with founder and chief executive officer Gaurav Singh to talk about the plans for the company.
Education institutions are at the forefront of technology adoption like never before and the need of the hour is to create a digital campus at scale and speed with complete student life cycle management. Find out how Bengaluru-based edutech company CollPoll is helping universities and colleges on digital front. Hemant Sahal, co-founder and CEO of CollPoll is in conversation with Shruti Mishra.
In the wake of the pandemic, tens of millions have lost their jobs. It is not wrong to say that we are in the midst of the starkest hunger problem our society has seen in recent history. While governments and organisations are doing their bit, not for profit organisation, Robin Hood Army believes that it is a moment for every member of the community to take responsibility for the well-being and lives of their fellow citizens.
Robin Hood Army fed 23.2 million people in eight countries over six weeks in its fight against COVID. To know more about their initiatives and the road ahead for the venture, Start Up Street is in conversation with co-founder, Sanchit Jain.
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