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Packaging board may grow in the range of 16%, says JK Paper

A whole lot of paper stocks are buzzing in trade and one among those is JK Paper. Thursday was also the last day that JK Paper's stock trades under additional surveillance measures (ASM) framework.
As well, earlier this week, their Odisha unit reopened after an 11-day shutdown due to workers’ strike.
AS Mehta, president of the company spoke about the latest happenings in the company and gave his outlook for the future.
"The so-called strike was only by a section of workers and it was unlawful according to us because it was called by an unrecognised union," Mehta said.
On the business front, he said the writing and printing paper is going healthy and the growth is very good.
"The packaging board is growing in double-digit and it may grow further," Mehat said, adding that the growth may be in the range of 15-16 percent.
He further said that international pulp prices have been very strong for the last six months.