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    Today's youth want their jobs to live up to their Instagram stories, says Yuvaa's Nikhil Taneja

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    Today's youth want their jobs to live up to their Instagram stories, says Yuvaa's Nikhil Taneja

    Mumbai, India's financial capital accounted for 32 percent of the government's overall tax collection in the last financial year. The city goes to vote on April 29 and around 96 lakh registered voters are there in Mumbai. The BJP had won all the six seats in the city.
    CNBC-TV18 spoke to Nikhil Taneja, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Yuvaa who has been travelling all across India, speaking to young people, students to get a sense of their views on politics and the issues they hold close to their hearts.
    Taneja said, "We have gone across 25 cities, 70-100 campuses across the country and we tried to listen to these young voters. What we have realised is that there is a big difference in the way tier I and tier II voters look at politics and well as the election process. Tier I is actually parroting a lot of the things that they hear around them. So, they are talking about corruption, communal violence, education, development etc. On the other hand, tier II voters are talking a lot about education, the infrastructure around them and better facilities for them to move upward in life. The one thing that is common between tier I and tier II is the fact that there is not much security and safety for all women in India."
    He further added, "This is a very new generation of young Indians. Their biggest problem is not actually electoral politics, it is actually mental health. They are going through such a big crisis when it comes to mental health in this country as their online realities are so different from their offline realities. Online, they get to be anything they want, they get to be anyone, they get to love anyone and everything is accessible to them. However, in their offline realities, the world is still conservative. When everyone is talking about employment and corruption, for these kids their problem is online bullying, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, labelling and stereotyping, which is the biggest problem that is happening on the internet."
    "In most of the election manifestos, the only conversation about youth is they should have more jobs. However, even if they get these jobs, are they going to be happy in those jobs as most of these kids today have grown up in a world where they have Instagram, where they have stories which they show off about their lives, they curate the best moments of their lives to show off, when they go to these jobs and when these jobs do not live up to their Instagram stories, what then? They are not going to be happy. So, who is addressing these issues? No one," he added.
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