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PM-Kisan allocation unlikely to be increased if Modi comes to power, says former agriculture secretary Siraj Hussain

Fund allocation under the PM-Kisan scheme is unlikely to be increased further if Narendra Modi-led NDA wins the elections to form the government again, said Siraj Hussain, former agriculture secretary.
"In the interim budget, it was announced that Rs 75,000 crore will be required for implementing this scheme in FY20. I do not see this allocation increasing. In fact, my fear is that if this is further expanded, it will crowd out the investment which is very much required in the agriculture and irrigation sectors. So, personally, I would think that the government may not go in for expanding it further," said Hussain.
"If Narendra Modi wins the mandate, first is that the ministry (agriculture ministry) should be more empowered than last time... secondly, I feel that the idea of an empowered group of ministers is a very good idea. The reason is that the decisions relating to farmers and the agriculture sector do not concern only the agriculture ministry. We require coordination and very close interaction with other ministries and we know that taking a cabinet note can easily take 30-45 days. Whatever we may say of quick decision making and all that, but the process is such that it takes at least 30-45 days while several decisions need to be taken much faster," he added.
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