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Indian market has done better under coalition governments, says GTI Capital Group

Madhav Dhar, managing partner of GTI Capital Group, said that Indian market has done better under coalition governments than a strong leadership. “I am not least concerned about political risks in India,” he said.
However, he said that change in politics could lead to dramatic change in economics and therefore, the markets could react.
He said the economic momentum in India and the US is still strong for the short-term. "So we will continue to move higher till further notice but one must be cautious and keep an eye on exit signs," he said.
Talking about corporate lenders, he said there is no doubt that the NPA cycle is behind us. “The banking sector broadly speaking is on a stronger footing but private investments need to increase,” he said.
He said, his faith in NBFCs still continues although they could face competition from banks going forward.