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GNFC eyeing 100% plant utilisation, says managing director

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers and Chemicals is in focus after the company’s TDI – II plant resumed operations on Tuesday after a gas leak incident last week.
GNFC managing director Rajiv Kumar Gupta,  said the minor shutdown was not likely to result in major production or revenue loss.
The target for plant utilisation is 100% for FY19, said Gupta, adding that in the last fiscal it was at 90%. All these targets take into account the no-production days, he added.
With regards to Toluene Di-Isocynate (TDI) prices, Gupta said there hasn’t been any significant down trend in prices. Sadara prices are quoted in the range of $4000 per tonne, while the China plant has been supplying TDI at $3800 per tonne, he added.