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June 14, 2018 01:00 PM | Business

Don't lose focus on the customer, says Enam Securities

For every business, customer is king and if you lose focus on the customer, you lose it all, said Vallabh Bhanshali, Chairman, Enam Securities.

On Infosys journey so far

My thoughts are two fold- one I feel happy for the company’s shareholders, founders, management, employees and customers but more importantly feel happy that the company listed at a time when India emerged from darkness created by itself of the controls and so on and how it played a torch bearer of values, vision, execution, scalability.

These were the factors that were important for the country as a whole and so feel happy that after 25 years, it is good occasion to revisit those soft factors that shaped not only this company but to quite an extent shaped what has happened in the last 25 years.

Infosys roadmap going forward:

For every business, customer is King and if you lose focus on the customer, you lose it all. Of course next comes execution and that has not only the technology and resources and people but also processes and culture. Those are the three things that Infosys set out to do quality work.

Murthy was much sort after technology professional when he was caught by the enterprise bug because he was so free thinking, ambitious and idealist, he had to be an entrepreneur.

That is the spirit Infosys has to continue, to be confident about its ability to create value for shareholders and work backward to create that culture within the firm.

So, customer, employee and an enabling culture in which the employee can create a huge value for the customer and eventually it boils down and falls down to the shareholders lap.

On market and interest rate outlook

We are in a turmoil period, globally as well with US raising rates and dollar strengthening, oil seems to have become quiet now after boiling, plus there are elections in India and the impact of rising dollar and oil on our economy. So, the market will continue to be sheepish given various macro factors at national and international level.

As far as interest rates are concerned we have become data driven – there has been hardening if inflation after long time but the picture on wholesale or consumer index is moving. So if we have good monsoon then maybe we could have just one more hike because the supply side is doing well and if oil quietens then we could have robust economic performance for one more year and the market will follow.
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