Motilal Oswal
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Motilal Oswal
April 17, 2018 04:40 PM | Entrepreneurship

Know more about Ruma Roka’s Noida Deaf Society

What started with her life time savings of Rs 3 lakh in 2005 has today touched more than 4,500 lives and enabled 1,200 deaf people to build a career.

Ruma Roka's Noida Deaf Society (NDS) is a non-profit organisation that provides deaf people education and specialised vocational training for employment.

From teaching only 5 deaf students in the first year of starting NDS, Ruma has striven to mobilise deaf youth from villages across India.

It is one of a kind organisation where over 70% employees are from the deaf community.

NDS’ vision is to mainstream deaf people through specialised vocational programmes.

It also assists students to find jobs. Students have been placed in Information Technology, hospitality, banking, retail and production.
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