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    Here are the safest countries for travel

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    Here are the safest countries for travel

    Travel has ranked 20 popular destinations around the world based on how safe they are.
    The travel magazine assessed factors like crime rates, likelihood of terrorist attacks, natural disasters and health concerns.
    The data was collected from reports like world economic fund on crime rates, world risk report on natural disasters.
    NHS fit for travel website on health and the foreign office's assessments of the risks of terrorism.
    Here are the world's top 10 most safe countries to visit.
    • Barbados
    • Safety index: 5.6
      • Jordan
      • Safety index: 5.8
        • Morocco
        • Safety index: 6.1
          • Japan
          • Safety index: 6.1
            • Canada
            • Safety index: 6.1
              • Australia
              • Safety index: 6.1
                • Spain
                • Safety index: 6.2
                  • Singapore
                  • Safety index: 6.5
                    • UAE
                    • Safety index: 6.6
                      • Iceland
                      • Safety index: 6.6
                        But what about India?
                        It's ranked 17th in the list, making it the fourth most dangerous country to visit.
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