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Revival of tourism industry post COVID-19: 10 things you should know

Revival of tourism industry post COVID-19: 10 things you should know

Revival of tourism industry post COVID-19: 10 things you should know
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By Sanhita Baruah  Nov 11, 2022 6:56:08 PM IST (Updated)

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the tourism industry suffered a brutal setback. However, as destinations opened up gradually, international travel seems to be gathering steam. after extended visa delays and overcoming the fear of contracting the virus, let's take a look at how travel trends have changed progressively in a post-pandemic world.

Just as we came to a standstill with the lockdown brought about by the pandemic, the entire economy faced a severe backlash, however the ones most hit were the travel and hospitality and related industries. However, the dark cloud has passed. The economy has opened up and travel is beginning to boom again. In the same vein, this article throws light on the top 8 things you need to know about the revival of the industry and what you can expect. 

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Trends to note
Domestic turned international holidays
Although international travel has opened up, covid restrictions, visa delays and the fear of catching the virus has led people to look within, in terms of domestic travel. Travellers who opt for international destinations have begun to travel within the country, which has boosted revenue.
Revenge travel
Being bottled up at home for the better part of two years has made everyone fidgety and yearning to go out and lay beneath the blue sky. In order to act on this new grown fondness for travelling, people have begun venturing to nearby and exotic locations.
This increased footfall has resulted in massive revenue in terms of increased hotel bookings, usage of local and private transportation and consumption of local food.  It is also to be noted that post pandemic, group travellers prefer to hire bigger and wider spaces as accommodation, to spend quality time together with their group. This in turn leads to a higher hotel rent and related costs.
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Wedding tourism
During the covid lockdown, social media boomed and most of us explored and revisited new movies, cultures and popular trends during the time. This increased exposure has brought about a fascination to replicate enthralling experiences, in terms of travel and celebrations. At the heart of it lies wedding tourism. Be it a romantic international wedding/honeymoon or a dreamy domestic destination wedding, more people plan their wedding at an exotic or fairyland location within the country and outside. 
Staycations and workcations
The pandemic brought with it numerous changes and the flexible working style is one such welcome change. People had to work from home during the lockdown, when companies and employees witnessed a stable or increased productivity amidst the workforce. The freedom to work from anywhere has ignited the minds of travellers and we witness a surge in staycations: where people book a homestay or a hotel with scenic views and stay for extended periods of time, and workcations: where people book an affordable stay with network connectivity and stable power supply, for a long time, say weeks or months together, to stay and work whilst ingesting the beautiful scenery around them. 
Weekend getaways
Travellers who wish to cool off their week’s exhaustion prefer a quick escape from reality during the weekends. These trips often consist of travelling to nearby locations either on road or air, minimum stay and exploring the place. Travellers do not mind shelling out money to get their spirits rejuvenated. 
Word of caution for travellers 
Higher transportation and accommodation costs 
The costs associated with travel may be higher, since the industry is recovering at the moment. Hence, it is wiser to plan ahead, explore different options and make wiser choices. 
Check hygiene facilities of the stay
When booking a stay, contact the hotel administration and check for the hygiene facilities they possess. Check out reviews, ask around and choose the ones with proper first aid kits, regularly sanitized rooms. Also ensure to always carry your vaccination certificates.
Take medicines with you
It is advised to keep most important medicines at hand, in order to nip any discomfort or sickness in the bud, without allowing it to ruin your much awaited holiday.
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