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Jodhpur food trail for the budget traveller


Jodhpur makes delicious food possible without burning a hole in your pocket. In this food guide, we share several options you can choose from when in the Sun City, hoping they add distinct flavours and aromas to your vacation.

Jodhpur food trail for the budget traveller
Though it is primarily known for the majestic Mehrangarh Fort and the opulent Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur is a food haven.
No matter where you’re eating in this fort city, you can depend on the street food for quality and taste. However, a word of caution. The best food here is rich. Spicy or sweet, most of it is fried. Therefore, it does not score too high on the health quotient. So try to not count calories if you really want to enjoy the delicacies that Sun City has to offer.
Winter is the best time to visit Jodhpur. The weather is just ideal for a walk down the narrow lanes of the old city and stopping every once in a while at non-descript, unassuming stalls to gorge on mouth-watering preparations.
Even if you don’t have the budget to splurge at Umaid Bhawan, you can still have a great time eating around in Jodhpur. This city makes delicious food possible without burning a hole in your pocket. In this food guide, we share with you several options you can choose from when in the Blue City. We recommend all of them hoping they add distinct flavours and aromas to your vacation.
Street food
Janta Sweet Home: It is Jodhpur’s equivalent of Jaipur’s Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar. However, unlike LMB, it has maintained its economic price and food quality over the years and therefore, is still extremely popular among the locals. You can visit Janta for breakfast or lunch. Do try their pyaaz ki kachori, chaach, best of Janta sandwich, and mawa kachori.
Shahi Samosa: You can spot this shop from a distance, thanks to the swelling crowd outside it at all times. Their samosas and mirchi badas are a specialty and make it stand out from the 20 other odd shops in Jodhpur selling them.
Laxmi Tea Hotel (Image: Sneha Bengani)
Laxmi Tea Hotel: Laxmi Tea Hotel: Near the Clock Tower, it is a short distance away from Shahi Samosa. You get excellent tea at several spots in Jodhpur (including Bhati Tea Stall and Hans Café opposite NLU), but what this place serves is something else. Until visiting here, Jaipur Literature Festival’s Pushkari Chai ranked at the top of my list of must-have teas. But not anymore. You should also try their kesar doodh (saffron milk). On a cold winter night, after having visited the Mehrangarh, it feels like a warm, sweet, aromatic hug served in a khulhad.
Garib Hotel Omelette Shop (Image: Sneha Bengani)
Garib Hotel Omlette Shop: Right opposite Laxmi Tea Hotel, they make omelettes so well, Lonely Planet recommends them. Do try their Michael Baba omelette with the local favourite beverage kala ghoda masala soda.
Punjab Chic Inn (Image: Sneha Bengani)
Punjabi Chic Inn: Don’t get befuddled by its rundown appearance, they are the unrivalled champion doling out chicken rolls unlike anyone around. You will agree too after you’ve had their chicken tikka roll, chicken angara, or desi katta roll.
Gypsy: The hype around Gypsy is not without reason. It’s always bustling with people wanting to have a satisfying meal. Their veg thaali is magnificent with something for every palette. They offer unlimited servings, so make sure you go with an empty stomach.
Kalinga: Near the Jodhpur Railway Station, their laal maans is an absolute delight. Complement it with their chai and you’d want nothing more.
Kim Mohan's Restaurant (Image: Sandeep S)
Kim Mohan’s Restaurant: Known for Korean food, their bibimbap is a must-have. It’s a serving of steaming rice with a lot of stir-fried vegetables and eggs.
Bhawani Dal Baati Churma: If you’re in the mood to have dal baati churma, you must visit this modest eatery in Sardarpura. Make sure you order chaach to complete the meal.
Kerala Hotel & Fast Food: If you want a break from the local Rajasthani fare, this is the place for you. Though they also serve biryani, north Indian, and Chinese food, you must try their kothu parottas, pepper chicken, and appam.
Sparrow’s Pizzeria: It’s a mellow, fairy lights, windy sort of a place to hang out with friends or spend an evening away by yourself. Try out their volcano pizza, mutton d’lux, and farmville delight. One pizza will do for two. Their generous portion sizes will stump you. However, they do not serve alcohol.
Blue Turban: Overlooking the Mehrangarh, it has a stunning view of the gigantic fort. An economical alternative to the Raas Haveli, it is an ideal place for a dinner date. Their kebab platter, laal maans, and paneer do pyaza are delectable. They also serve alcohol.
Kebab Korner, Bal Samand Lake Palace: Though their private lake can be accessed only by resident guests, you can relish the dreamy ambiance of this place sitting by the bonfire and looking at the stars. Tucked away in a quiet corner, their Rajasthani fare is sumptuous and service excellent. Do try their gatta curry, lachha paranta, tandoori naan, and laal maans. If you want to have alcohol, stick to what you know and like. You can skip their cocktails.
Chaturbhuj Rameshchandra (Image: Sneha Bengani)
Motu Jalebiwala: Not everyone can make a 250 gm king-size jaleba that’s more than enough for four. Motu Jalebiwala can. And they do such a fine job of it. Their jalebis are hot, crisp, and they melt in your mouth.
Chaturbhuj Rameshchandra: Their gulab jamuns may look a bit undercooked, but they are a delicacy. It is difficult to stop at just one. You must also try their mishri mawa.
Mishri Lal Mishthan Bhandar: Though they also serve south-Indian and fast food, their makhaniya lassi and rabri are their claim to fame. Their gajar halwa is worth a shot too.
Swadeshi Sweet Home, Mandore: Known for their besan ki chakki, they make it with pure desi ghee and use ground cardamom generously to season it. Need I say more?
Bonus: If you are looking for something to take back home, buy mixed namkeen and chana jor garam from Chandra Vilas Namkeen. Opposite Janta Sweet Home, they have an elaborate variety of namkeen that make for befitting souvenirs for friends and family.
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