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Where to eat in McLeodganj: Check out what to order at these top 5 restaurants

Where to eat in McLeodganj: Check out what to order at these top 5 restaurants

Where to eat in McLeodganj: Check out what to order at  these top 5 restaurants
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By CNBCTV18.COMOct 31, 2022 4:17:24 PM IST (Published)

McLeodganj is a foodie's paradise and travellers can savor authentic Tibetan, Japanese, Italian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisine at this suburb of Dharamshala.

To put it simply, Mcleodganj is a foodie's paradise. Travelers looking to sample authentic Tibetan, Japanese, Italian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisine, among others, flock to this stunning location.

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We've got you covered if you're looking for the ultimate Mcleodganj gastronomy guide.
German Bakery, Bhagsu
One of the very few restaurants in Mcleodganj that provide vegan options. This is a good place to begin if you're interested in trying vegan cuisine. Pastries, sweets, drinks, cakes, and more may all be found on their broad menu. The setting is warm and friendly, and the cuisine is superb.
Jimmy's Italian Kitchen
There's no better place to satisfy your Italian cuisine cravings than Jimmy's Italian Kitchen. Pizza, spaghetti, pancakes, loaves of bread, paninis, waffles, salads, jacket potatoes, and various coffees and shakes await you as you enter this establishment.
Woeser Bakery
This bakery tucked away on Jogiwara Road, has the kind of laid-back atmosphere typical of a neighborhood like Mcleodganj. If you want a guaranteed happy day, all you need is a slice of their walnut tart and a cup of their well-prepared cappuccino. Plus, if you're craving something sweet, you can't go wrong with one of their gluten-free treats.
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Tibet Kitchen
This is the best spot in town to try genuine Bhutanese and Tibetan cuisine. Traditional Bhutanese and Tibetan delicacies such as ema datschi, shabalay, thentuk, shepta, gundruk sadeko (spinach mixed in seasonings), steamed/fried momos, thukpas, and more can all be found on the menu. Evenings see a surge in foot traffic from hungry patrons; if you plan on dining here, it's best to be there early.
Nick's Italian Kitchen
The sweets at Nick's Italian Kitchen, conveniently located in Mcleodganj's town center, will blow your mind. You'll forget you're full thanks to the amazing selection of Italian meals, all of which have additional bursts of flavor and cheese. You may also sample some of their favorite baked goods, such as waffles, pies, and cakes.
McLeodganj is rife with excellent dining options (Upper Dharamsala). So much so that people from all across the area visit these little communities just for the cuisine. The finest of Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean and Continental cuisine can be found with traditional Tibetan and Bhutanese fare at numerous beautiful and boutique restaurants. You may add the right touch of sweetness by including desserts from a slew of their bakery options. Explore the local cuisine; it's an adventure in itself in the Himalayas.
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