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Top 5 coffee shops in Bangkok you must try for an amazing experience

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By Sanhita Baruah  Dec 15, 2022 10:12:39 AM IST (Published)

Streets in Bangkok are lined with cafes that welcome individuals of all ages, where customers can munch on delicious cuisine, sip on some tea, and, most importantly, enjoy superb blends

Bangkok's burgeoning bistro culture is defined by its excellent cuisine, Instagram-worthy decor, and thought-provoking conversations that last for hours. Bangkok is quickly becoming the center of cafes that welcome individuals of all ages. No one should be surprised that when the world revolves around the "espresso first" mantra, streets are lined up with cafes in Bangkok where customers can munch on delicious cuisine, sip on some tea, and, most importantly, enjoy superb blends. Every cafe in Bangkok contributes something special to the scene, whether it's the delicious food they provide or the atmosphere they create. Let's take a look at these 5 cafe's where you can indulge in a cuppa.

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1. Pooltime Cafe
Every traveler should make a pitstop at Pooltime Cafe to sample their delicious food and beverages. Considered one of Bangkok's cutest cafes, the space's décor is a confection of pastel hues and beautiful furniture in shades of pink, blue, and white. The Pooltime Cafe is an absolute must-see and is about 25 minutes from the beautiful Platinum Fashion Mall.
2. Sretsis Parlour
The daisies on the floor, the sky-like ceiling, and the floral decorations all combine to make this posh café seem like something out of a daydream. Cafes in Bangkok are plenty, but this one stands out as one of the best due to its tranquil atmosphere and high-end touches like illustrated walls, tea service, and sweet treats.
3. Big Dog Cafe
You haven't really been to Bangkok until you stop by the Big Dog Cafe. The café features its own dog pool and is tastefully decorated with wood and floral accents, as well as plush rocking chairs. When you first go out onto the terrace, you'll see a sitting area with fairy lights strung above it.
4. Floral Café
The Old Town of Bangkok conceals a delightful secret café, which bestows upon you the botanical abundance for which it is famous: a profusion of blossoms. The café is not only encased in a flower, but it also requires a journey through a flower store before you can fully appreciate its splendor, which is adorned from floor to ceiling with flourishing flowers, valuable stones, branches, and everything enchanted.
5. ViVi: The Coffee Place
Like many other cafes in Bangkok, this one can be found in the historic Banglamphu district. In addition, Vivi's location is hard to beat because of its proximity to the infamous Chao Phraya River, making it one of the best in Thailand. Although this is a one-of-a-kind café in Bangkok, you can't go wrong with the ubiquitous espresso. Grab a cup of coffee and relax in one of the bistro's plush chairs or on the patio.
Visit Bangkok's cafés to sample local cuisine and beverages as you travel about the city. If you're having difficulties finding the finest cafés to binge at while in Bangkok, take a look at the list we've compiled for you.
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