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Top four beaches worldwide: Get ready to relax!

Top four beaches worldwide: Get ready to relax!

Top four beaches worldwide: Get ready to relax!
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By CNBCTV18.COMNov 11, 2022 3:28:51 PM IST (Updated)

The qualities of an ideal beach are subjective and will vary from tourist to trip. Some individuals want empty beaches with placid waves, while others long for expansive lengths of sand with plenty of activities and crowds of people to watch. Find your ideal beach in our top four selections, whether you're looking for quiet or excitement, calm or tumultuous seas, or calm or pounding surf.

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It would be easy for first-time tourists to this beautiful Dutch Caribbean island to never leave the two-mile stretch of Palm Beach, including its towering hotels and accessibility to water sports, like parasailing, kite-surfing, and flyboarding, or speeding above the ocean's surface on water-propelled paragliding. However, the island's almost 70 square miles also have beaches that showcase the island's surprisingly varied topography. In the shade of natural land bridges, Blackstone Bay is covered in silky black pebbles, while Eagle Beach is home to twisted fofoti plants that bend and twist like bonsais owing to the trade winds. Guests of the Renaissance Winds Creek Aruba Complex may acquire a day ticket to the resort's private beach, where a flock of flamingos lives and acts like they own the area when you give them scraps from your lunch.
Bora Bora
An extinct volcano, surrounded by turquoise lagoons, overlooking the sea bungalows, and a stretch of flat, sandy islands called Motus, is a popular honeymoon destination in French Polynesia. Motu Tapu, once the exclusive beachfront of 19th-Century Tahitian princess Pomare IV, is now owned by Conrad Bora Bora Nui, one of the several worldwide luxury resort companies with properties in this area. There aren't many public beaches on the island, but fortunately one of them is also one of the best. Matira Beach has water as serene as an outdoor infinity pool, and snorkelling among the brightly coloured fish and stingrays that inhabit the coral just offshore is as simple as walking out to it.
Fiji, like many other tropical locations, has clear blue seas, white beaches, and posh hotels. Also, the 333 islands are perfect for couples of any orientation. Also, the archipelago's exceptional surf and coral reefs are a big draw for adventurers like surfers and scuba divers. However, Fiji is unlike any other island on the globe. Fiji gives you the delicious sensation of isolation since it is over 1,300 miles from North Island located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Drinking a Fiji bitter beer while watching the Sun go down is about as far off from reality as you can get. The local traditions of Fiji can further transport you to another world: Have you ever tried the kava drink, which is known to induce vertigo? Or seen folks walk on hot stones without getting their feet burned? If you haven't already done so, you should.
Avoid the Maldives if you want wide lengths of beach: The country in the Indian Ocean consists of about 1,200 tiny coral islands, the biggest of which is just approximately three square miles in size. Three resorts in the Maldives made this year's list of the greatest in the world, and it's not only because of the beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Considering the underwater crowds is an important factor in picking the perfect Maldivian beach since you won't have to compete for a lounger on land. While whale sharks frequent the South Ari Atoll, the Baa Atoll is home to the world's greatest concentration of manta rays. The ‘sea of stars,’ a bioluminescent show put on by the minuscule Lingulodinium polyedrum type of plankton, may be seen off the coast of Vaadhoo Island within the Raa Atoll if you like marine life on a smaller scale.
Our globe contains roughly 71% water, with about 96% of it found in its seas and is thus home to many breathtaking shorelines. It's thus a little bit subjective to choose which stretch of sand is the greatest in the world.
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