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    Top 5 things you cannot miss when in Rome

    Top 5 things you cannot miss when in Rome
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    By Upasana Kochhar  Jan 18, 2023 4:33:15 PM IST (Published)

    Imagine it is one of those boring days you are looking at your office computer screen, and a notification pops up. It is a picture of a cultural gathering in one of the most dwelled cities in Italy, and suddenly your wanderlust kicks in. It is about Rome, the origin of one of the earliest Western civilizations. One of the exciting things about Rome is that it is a package. The rich indigenous culture creates the hub for millions of tourist visits each year.

    The history in itself is so fascinating that you would want to take advantage of this one. Talk about the beautiful art reserves, lip-smacking cuisine, or historical significance. Rome has something to offer everyone. It might take a lifetime to move around every part of this magnificent country and explore it to the fullest. Hence, to save you the hassle, we have gathered the remarkable experiences and the most loved tourist destinations in Rome exclusively for you to tick off your bucket list.
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