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From boarding Nilgiri toy train to early morning trek: Top 10 things to do in Ooty

From boarding Nilgiri toy train to early morning trek: Top 10 things to do in Ooty

From boarding Nilgiri toy train to early morning trek: Top 10 things to do in Ooty
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By Sanhita Baruah  Oct 15, 2022 2:57:18 PM IST (Published)

The Doddabetta peak offers a stunning view of the sunrise, which a person ought not to miss.

Are you planning a getaway to the hills, where you can blow off steam and lose yourself in its scenic beauty? Do you want an intimate or fun trip that calms your soul and pumps up your adrenaline at the same time? Look no further. In this article, you will read about the 10 top 10 fun things to do in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

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Finding accommodation with a great view
An important part of your trip to Ooty would be your stay, and hence it is important to pick one with amazing views, amenities and food. Visit here to find resorts that offer amazing views. Resorts atop the hills are a great choice, however, the ones with a valley view are a treat to the eyes. There is nothing more calming than waking up to a dreamy morning with the mist and clouds playing hide and seek with the Sun and the hills. To stand on a balcony, looking at the scenic beauty and enjoying a hot cup of Nilgiri tea sounds like the perfect way to recharge your spirit.
Nature walk
If you like to savour the beauty of a place slowly, then nature walking in Ooty is a must-do for you. Pack your water bottles and camera for the trip and you are all set. Start early morning or late afternoon, because all tourist places close at 6 PM and it starts getting dark after 5 PM. Strolling through the cement and mud roads, you will witness lush patches of green all over the hills, steep corners, hairpin bends, and unique flowers, carrots, tea and beans growing in the plantations. With the cool air caressing you every now and then, paired with a quiet and beautiful background, you are sure to lose yourself in its glory.
Adventure games
Near the Ooty town bus stand, there is an adventure park that caters to those who love the adrenaline rush. It offers rock climbing, ziplining, sky bridge (rope walking), sky cycle (ziplining clubbed with cycling), to name a few. Adventure games in a hill station get you pumped up and energised like no other. It is best done with an open mind and proper guidance, and it leaves you with a lighter heart and happiness.
Waterfall hike
There are numerous waterfalls in Ooty, for every kind of swimmer. However, tourists are not allowed to bathe in any waterfalls. But, that does not have to stop you from having fun. The famous Pykara falls, about 19 miles from the centre, has an amazing trek leading up to a gushing, avalanche-like waterfall. Catherine falls and Katary falls also offer a simple trek and amazing views.
Tea plantation visit
The tea gardens/plantations are a must-visit anytime you are in Ooty. If you hire a local travel guide, they might be able to arrange for a visit to a plantation and the tea factory. What’s best? You get a hot cup of tea to drink at the end of the tour: one of the best teas, sourced, processed and brewed specially for you! If you are a lover of the beverage, you would love the variety and flavour of Nilgiri tea.
Early morning sunrise trek
The Doddabetta peak offers a stunning view of the sunrise, which a person ought not to miss. Talk to your accommodation admin, or travel agent and ask to arrange for a jeep or car for the early morning ride. It is unsafe to walk from the hotel to the base of the hill in the pitch dark. You can start from your stay at around 4.30/5 AM, reach the base of Doddabetta and make an upward ride near the peak. Once you are only a few kilometres/metres away from the top, you can get down and trek. By the time you reach the peak, a golden surprise will be awaiting you.
There is a lake about 2kms from the Ooty bus stand, which is surrounded by valleys, deep forests and shrubs all around it. The best time to go boating is in the evening, in a two-person pedal boat or a multi-person open motor boat. A 3 km ride, a ride almost leading to the heavenly skies, the breathtaking views, tranquillity of the place and the clear water will be a core memory to cherish for a long time.
Strolling through picturesque gardens
This is a common tourist place in Ooty and a must-visit if you are visiting the place for the first time. Ooty boasts of its gorgeous botanical gardens, rose gardens and flower shows, with hundreds of varieties of flowers all over the place, aesthetically maintained and cared for.
Chocolate shopping
Another important fascination in Ooty is its homemade chocolates. The markets and almost all tourist places have collections of quality homemade chocolates, of different varieties, combinations and tastes, offering a blissful treat for chocoholics.
The Nilgiri toy train!
Last, but not least, the dream of every child in Tamil Nadu: the toy train! Running between Mettupalayam and Coonoor, the toy train is a ride through heaven, to say the least. Approximately a 3.5-hour ride, aboard the train you can witness all prime sceneries as you go crossing deep forests, waterfalls, steep hills and thick bushes. A cloudy day paired with a toy train ride can make you fall in love with the place many times over.
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