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    Why India's YouTube and TikTok stars fight on Twitter?

    Why India's YouTube and TikTok stars fight on Twitter?

    Why India's YouTube and TikTok stars fight on Twitter?
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    By Pradeep Suresh   IST (Updated)


    It all started after various social media users took into numerous social media sites including Youtube to post videos and Memes trolling the TikTok users in the country.

    The fight between Indian YouTube and TikTok stars has flared up on social media after the US-based video platform removed one of the videos posted by YouTube star Carry Minati. The YouTube star is now trending on Twitter after many of his fans came in support of him alleging that the video was removed because of mass reporting by TikTok users.
    Origin of the conflict
    It all started after some netizens took to social media sites including YouTube to post videos and memes trolling TikTok users in the country, with many roasting them for the often 'cringy content' they posted. These posts provoked angry reactions from users of the popular Chinese smartphone app.
    The scene heated up when YouTube's roaster Ajey Nagar, popular as Carry Minati, posted videos on the site roasting TikTokers. Carry Minati; who became famous for his roast videos about 'Bigg Boss', Dhinchak Pooja and Deepak Kalal, among others; gained over 12 million subscribers after he took on popular YouTuber ‘Pewdipie’ for his videos mocking India.
    Soon his roast targeting selected TikTok videos became a big hit and #carryminatiroast topped the Twitter trends after his YouTube vs Tiktok video went viral. This, however, was met with criticism from TikTok users who felt that the move was nothing but cyberbullying.
    One of the detractors was self-proclaimed TikTok influencer Amir Siddiqui who posted a video alleging that YouTubers were doing nothing but milking on the sympathy of people and simply targeting popular TikTokers. Carry Minati soon responded by dismantling Siddiqui point-by-point in a popular video.
    However, the video by Carry titled YouTube vs TikTok — The End, was removed from the platform by YouTube early today. The video, which was on the verge of becoming most viewed non-musical YouTube video, was removed from the platform for violating its ‘ terms of services.
    The reaction
    Many have been angered by what they believe is the partiality of YouTube. Many supporters of Carry Minati pointed out that many videos including the one by Pewdipie insulting Indians were not removed from the site. Many are even asking users across the country to report the TikTok app and uninstall it.
    And amid this tension, allegations have been raised by Carry Minati that he received threats by popular TikTok star Faisal Khan. With millions of Indians confined inside their houses due to lockdown the situation is likely to heat up and could lead to further drama.
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