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Instagram will soon let you turn public photos into Reels

Instagram will soon let you turn public photos into Reels

Instagram will soon let you turn public photos into Reels
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By Jul 22, 2022 9:37:17 PM IST (Published)

Instagram is set to take yet another step towards promoting Reels, its competition to the short-video platform Tik-Tok. The social media giant will soon allow users to use any new public photo in a Reel, just like it did with videos in January.

Instagram, which is “no longer a photo sharing app”, will soon allow users to use any new photos for “remixing” in Reels as long as the images are public. The option can also be turned off but will be enabled by default.

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This move is a part of the social media platform’s attempt to beat its popular competitor Tik-Tok by boosting its short-video service, Instagram has announced that it will let public photos be remixed for the use of Reels. 
Remixing will be enabled by default for all the photos that will be posted once the option is available to users, but they will still have the choice of turning it off in the Settings. It is also important to note that old photos will have the remixing option disabled by default and users can enable it for individual posts with the same process.
In January, Instagram opened all public video content to be remixed for Reels to provide more content to creators. In this case also, only videos posted after the change was made were available to remix.
Photographers have often been sceptical of Instagram’s use of their content and this move only multiplies their concern as their photographs can be widely used. While it will help gain them more traction, it is also possible that their work can be taken out of context or in context they would rather not see it.
Back in 2012, photographers faced issues with Instagram when the platform changed its terms of service and announced that it would be able to sell photos posted by users, which it ended up not doing.
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