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    Here are the Top 10 delivery app categories in India today

    Here are the Top 10 delivery app categories in India today

    Here are the Top 10 delivery app categories in India today
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    India is one of the fastest growing markets for delivery apps, with several product categories gaining popularity during the pandemic. While food & beverages, and interestingly, documents, are the most delivered items, according to a survey by Borzo’s, Indians are also taking to ordering sensitive items like medicines online.

    Every day, millions of orders are processed, packed and delivered through different apps in India. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an e-commerce boom in India and now Indians of all ages depend on technology for doorstep delivery of everything from groceries to food, clothes, beauty products, laptops, mobile phones, and increasingly medicines.

    Amid the rise of online orders, delivery of several product categories has gained popularity among Indians. Data from Borzo’s (erstwhile WeFast) fleet of 20,000 delivery partners in India, shows the top 10 product categories that are most ordered by Indians.

    Here's a look at the top 10 delivery categories in India:

    1. Food and beverages: 35.5 percent

    Food and beverages emerged as the top product category, according to Bozo’s data. Of the top four cities, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, it remained on top in three of them, with Delhi being the only exception.

    2. Documents: 26.5 percent

    The rise in sharing of documents via online logistic services is interesting to note as earlier traditional logistics players were preferred for this service. While at an all-India level, documents were the second-most popular category, it occupied the third spot for Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad and the second spot in Bengaluru’s most popular product category.

    3. Sweets and confectionery: 24 percent

    After food, sweets and confectionery are the most ordered consumables by Indians.

    4. Clothing and accessories: 19 percent

    Clothing and accessories remained in the top 3 product categories for all the top cities, and in Delhi, clothing accessories occupied the top spot for the most-used category.

    5. Gifts and souvenirs: 13 percent

    With a slight margin over groceries, gifts and souvenirs are the fifth-most popular product delivery category in India.

    6. Groceries: 12 percent

    With the convenience of contactless doorstep delivery and quality control, more and more Indians are now ordering their groceries online. It occupied the fourth and fifth spots in the top four cities.

    7. Fabric: 12 percent

    Fabric emerged as the seventh most popular product category among Indians.

    8. Electronics: 11 percent

    With delivery apps becoming more safe and secure, customers are now choosing apps to buy electronic items.

    9. Medicines: 10.5 percent

    One of the new product categories to enter the digital space, medicines emerged as the ninth most popular product category at a national level while it occupied the fourth and fifth spots for the top 4 cities.

    10. Healthcare products: 8 percent

    Healthcare products occupied the final spot on the list of most popular product categories delivered using logistics, apps with 8 percent share of the total.

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