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    Google CEO Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time; interesting deets here

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time; interesting deets here

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai uses 20 phones at a time; interesting deets here
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    Among other revelations, Pichai does not change his passwords too often!

    Sundar Pichai, the Indian-born CEO of Google and Alphabet, has shared bits about his tech routines, password changes, number of mobile phones he uses, screen time allowed to his children etc, during an interview with the BBC.
    His statement, "American citizen, Indian at heart" has inspired both his fans and meme makers.
    "I’m an American citizen but India is deeply within me. It’s a big part of who I am," he said.
    Technology & His Kids
    Responding to a question on whether he allows his children to browse YouTube videos, Pichai said while the new generation needs to learn to adapt to technology as it will be a big part of their lives, he encourages his children to develop boundaries for themselves. Regarding the side effects of technology on children, he said, "We have always been worried about technology."
    Pichai does not change his passwords frequently, he said, but recommended the ‘two-factor authentication’ to ensure multiple layers of protection.
    Phone Love
    A self-confessed geek, he admitted using more than 20 phones at a time. He puts them to test for different purposes, he confessed. "I am constantly changing and trying out every new phone," Pichai said.
    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence (AI), he says, is more profound than inventions like fire or electricity or even the internet.
    Open internet under Attack
    Commenting on a free and open internet, he said, "A free and open internet is a tremendous force for good and we take it for granted a bit."
    On free speech, he added, many countries around the world are restricting the flow of information and drawing much more rigid boundaries. The internet is under attack in countries around the world, he pointed out.
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