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    E-vehicle charging stations will be set up at every 3 km distance: Delhi transport minister

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    E-vehicle charging stations will be set up at every 3 km distance: Delhi transport minister

    Transport minister Kailash Gehlot on Monday said the Delhi government has set a target to install charging stations every 3 kilometers radius in the city.
    In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18, Gehlot said the Delhi government will be able to set up almost 300 charging stations, "So each station will have multiple charging points and that is the target. So our goal is to provide one charging point to every person in a radius of three kilometers."
    The minister said the Delhi EV Policy's success can be attributed to the i3 model — incentivisation, innovation, and inclusion.
    He said the real credit goes to Delhites, the Delhi government, the transport department, and DTC. "We have tools like RMI. Many organizations gave us inputs, and whatever bottlenecks were there, we kept removing them. So one part was the drafting of the policy, notifying it.
    But I think we work harder and we took a lot of pains in saying that this policy does not remain on paper. On the grassroots level, whatever difficulties and problems were there, we kept removing them."
    Gehlot pointed out that a lot of Delhiites are not adopting electric vehicles due to range issues, no charging points, or charging stations on the highways or outside Delhi.
    "I think the range issue must be addressed by the manufacturers. A comfortable range of solutions should be provided by the manufacturers. I think the other part would be the cost. I think still, the cost of electric vehicles is slightly on the higher side. But I am sure as the technology matures, I think both issues will be addressed," he said.
    The minister said whenever there is a new technology, there are teething problems, "If you remember when CNG was introduced, I think there were similar incidents. I am not saying that these incidents should happen. But for any technology, it takes time to mature."
    "I am 100 percent sure the manufacturers, the scientists, the experts, the person who are dealing with this technology, they must be brainstorming that what was the cause of the fire, was it a simple short circuit or there was some manufacturing defect in the battery. I am pretty confident that the industry will address these issues," he added.
    "I don't think people will get perturbed or have they will be shaken by these incidents. Because I think these incidents do happen. But at the same time, and as Delhi government as a transport minister, we are also I think at every fire which is taking place I have told the department please examine what was the cause," he said.
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