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Apple iPhone 13 series India prices announced: Here's how much the new iPhones will cost

Apple iPhone 13 series India prices announced: Here's how much the new iPhones will cost

Apple iPhone 13 series India prices announced: Here's how much the new iPhones will cost
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By Sahil Gupta  Sept 15, 2021 12:36:18 AM IST (Updated)

Apple on Tuesday unveiled a new iPhone 13 and 13 Mini with brighter screens to entice customers into 5G plans, while also announcing updates to its iPads and watches.

On expected lines, Apple unleashed an armada of new iPhones and a redesigned Apple Watch to the delight of millions of consumers. The latest iPhone models -- the 13, the 13 mini, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max build upon the highly successful playbook of the redesign that Apple executed last year. These phones look more or less the same but with minute visual changes which may make them attractive for consumers. Bigger changes have happened on the inside which makes these powerful devices and arguably the best phones in the world considering the previous generation models were already the best in the business. As for the Apple Watch, this is the first major redesign of the wearable in the last three years as it borrows a more edge to edge design. Along with these new models, there are also new versions of the iPad and iPad Mini.

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While the sizes remain the same at 6.1-inches for the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 models and 5.4-inches for the iPhone 13 mini and 6.7-inches for the iPhone 13 Pro Max -- the big change comes in the form of a smaller notch on the front which houses the face ID camera stack. This has been a long request since the launch of the iPhone X but it has taken Apple five years to make some kind of a change here.
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On the pro models, Apple has introduced "ProMotion" which is its nomenclature for a 120Hz LTPO dynamically refreshing screen. This was also a much-awaited update as Android phones have had this feature for over a year. Apple continues to use ceramic shield which is its protective technology for the screen on the iPhone. Generally, across the four phones, the screens are brighter and more vibrant. Internally, there is a newer and more powerful processor called the A15 Bionic which is built on a 5nm manufacturing node. It is a significant speed bump from the A14 Bionic. Apple claims it is the fastest mobile phone chipset beating out the A14 Bionic which debuted with the iPhone 12.
The cameras also move a step up this year across the iPhone line. Apple says it has improved the already fabulous cameras of the iPhones with a particular focus on the ultra-wide sensor and the video capabilities of the camera system. While improving the primary sensor of the iPhone 13 with the sensor-shift stabilisation system, it also now uses a large sensor on the ultra-wide lens which gives the phone better light gathering capabilities. There is also now a portrait mode for the video which enables a DSLR like a blur in the background, something which has been seen before on phones but Apple’s implementation is looking far superior. For people who want to use the iPhone camera for professional use, adding upon the Dolby Vision support there is now Pro-Res support as well which is a big step up for a mobile phone camera system.
Apple generally across the board has improved the light gathering ability of the main lens and also the telephoto lens on the Pro models as well. There is a new main lens that draws in 2x more light with an f/1.5 aperture and 1.9-micron subpixels with a 12-megapixel resolution across three lenses. The zoom capability has also improved to 3x optically on the pro models. Apple has enhanced the brightness of the screen on the new iPhones and also at the same time dramatically improved the battery life. In the case of the iPhone 13 series, the battery life improves by 2.5 hours. The iPhone 13 now starts with 128GB storage and goes up to a 512GB model. On the pro model now there is even a 1 TB storage option. The iPhone 13 Pro Max price starts at Rs 1,29,900, iPhone 13 Pro for Rs 1,19,900, iPhone 13 for Rs 79,900 and iPhone 13 mini for 69,900.
The new Apple Watch Series 7 now features a larger display in the same frame as the Series 6. Now the screen is right to the edge of the panel and has a stronger panel that is crack resistant. Apple has added dust resistance along with wr50 water resistance. Apple has introduced new colours and apart from new watchOS 6 additions and a redesigned user interface for a new larger screen. Apple says the loops and wrist bands for the previous models are compatible with this new design. Unlike what the rumours suggested, the design is similar to the older models. Apple has made charging faster by 33 percent with a new charging system that also uses USB Type C.
The new iPad models were the surprise of the show as Apple didn’t launch AirPods 3 -- but instead updated the iPad and iPad Mini which hadn't been updated in two years. The standard iPad mostly adds a new A13 processor which dramatically improves performance and a camera that supports the iPadOS centerstage feature. The iPad mini gets a redesign inspired by the iPad mini with a larger edge to edge screen at 8.3-inches and support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. It also gets a new camera, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, USB Type C connectivity and the A15 Bionic processor. The iPad starts at Rs 30,900 and goes all the way up to Rs 42,900. The iPad Mini will start at Rs 46,900 and will go all the way up to Rs 60,900.
Apple iPhone 13 series price in India
iPhone 13 mini price starts Rs 69,900.
iPhone 13 price starts at Rs 79,900.
iPhone 13 Pro price starts at Rs 1,19,900.
iPhone 13 Pro Max price starts at Rs 1,29,900.
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