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Apple iOS 15.2 update to enable nudity detection in kid-owned devices

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Apple iOS 15.2 update to enable nudity detection in kid-owned devices


Apple's latest iOS update in its Messages app will warn children, but not the parents. The nudity detection feature though has to be turned on by parents on family shared accounts. Meanwhile, the prickly update that will allow scanning of child sexual abuse material on iCloud is on hold.

Apple iOS 15.2 update to enable nudity detection in kid-owned devices
Apple is all set to unveil its highly anticipated iOS 15.2 update for iPhones, iPads and Mac devices. Apple will roll out nudity detection in the Messages app for devices being used by children and new Siri options for learning how to report child abuse, among other changes, reported Bloomberg.
While Apple had earlier stated that it would scan through all iCloud photos for child sexual abuse material (CSAM), the feature has not been rolled out with the current update.
With the new feature, child-owned iPhones, iPads and Macs will analyse all images sent and received through the Messages app. If the system detects any nudity in the images being sent or received, then the device will blur the images, and the child will be warned before they try to view or send the image.
Children will then have the option of contacting a parent through the Messages app about the situation. This marks a change from the initial announcement about the feature, which had stated that parents would be automatically notified in cases of detected nudity. Additionally, instead of being turned on by default, the feature now needs to be enabled by parents on family shared accounts.
While Apple stated that the new features are to enhance child safety and protection, privacy activists have panned the introduction of the feature. Activists had stated that the feature of scanning for CSAM through iCloud libraries, in particular, could be used by governments to spy on citizens by expanding that feature.
Though Apple had countered that it would fight such attempts by governments to degrade the privacy of its users, the backlash against the features has led to a delay in the deployment of the new features.
While two of the three features initially announced by Apple are going to be rolled out in the 15.2 update, the scanning of CSAM through iCloud and device libraries has not been pushed through yet.
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