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Storyboard18 | Brands get ready for the beauty verse in 2022

Storyboard18 | Brands get ready for the beauty-verse in 2022

Storyboard18 | Brands get ready for the beauty-verse in 2022
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By Pongpera Mitradarmbidhaks  Dec 16, 2021 2:03:41 PM IST (Updated)

A new map for Indian brands will navigate the beauty-verse and find more immersive ways to connect with consumers. Creating an intensified emotional payoff across activations can raise the success factor for brands.

Consumers' purchasing journey used to be linear - from seeing an advertisement on TV, running to the store, grabbing the products, and purchasing them over the cash counter. But digital development has dramatically complicated their journey. Online touchpoints have not replaced their offline counterparts but rather, intertwined with each other and slowly blurring the lines in between, creating the metaverse world.

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The financial industry has already evolved into this realm with cryptocurrency and social media is about to embrace it as Facebook group announced its strategic shift to immerse consumers into the metaverse.
The beauty industry has been perfecting its emotional sell in the past era but to catch up with this complex metaverse, it needs to recognise how to sell emotion under far more complex expressions in the digital era.
Beauty brands used to take control and democratise the beauty message, shaping the definition of beauty, but this is not happening anymore. Consumers shape the definition now. Brands must leverage online beauty communities to target the subconscious and emotions of untapped consumers.
According to Mintel Indian Consumer reports, 36 percent of Indian women said that they are already a part of beauty communities or groups on social media. This shifts the standardised beauty message to unspoken rules users generate through content, which express more on the emotional experience over facts and figures.
This has handed the advantage to local direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands who display emotional intelligence, establish consumer-to-consumer relationships, and build loyalty, trust and joy in individuals.
It is for this reason that Indian DTC beauty company MyGlamm acquired digital content platform POPxo and its influencer community, Plixxo. While MyGlamm sells beauty products, POPxo is a leading digital content platform targeting women and claims to have a network of 75,000 influencers on Plixxo. By joining forces with POPxo and Plixxo, MyGlamm intends to strengthen its positioning as a women-focused platform and hence differentiate itself from other Indian DTC beauty brands.
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
Engage with consumer with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos that utilise high-quality sound and rich visuals to elicit relaxing responses from the viewers. In India, 39 percent of consumers enjoy watching how others use beauty products online rather than using them on themselves. Brands can heighten the digital experience with ASMR. These videos help stimulate consumers' imaginations about beauty products and create an emotional connection with the brand.
Indian makeup and skincare brand Daughter Earth also employs ASMR style reels to showcase the rich pigmentation and the clean formulation of its lipstick collection.
Mental escapism
One emotionally engaging approach that we observed in APAC but has a great potential to be employed in India is to provide consumers the mental escapism in beauty product concept. Now that international travel poses challenges, consumers still yearn for the travel experience. Beauty products can help trigger consumers’ imagination by reconnecting them with their dream destinations through different senses.
For example, think of fragrances that deliver the tropical scent or beauty packages that incorporate local prints and symbols.
M.A.C launched its limited-edition Wanderlust collection - a journey across Asia, highlighting popular Asian destinations using the 3-letter abbreviations for airports as a signifier. Local prints further engaged the travel bug.
Brands can get playful with product and packaging. A Chinese fragrance brand Scentooze introduced a mini-size gift box with a DIY sky wheel. Consumers will need to assemble the cards to make the sky wheel, which also serves as a holder for the minisise fragrance.
Brands need to find new ways to navigate the beauty-verse and set a new agenda for emotional selling.
-Author Pongpera Mitradarmbidhaks is associate director - consumer reports South APAC - beauty & personal care at Mintel.
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