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The Playbook: Monkeybox founder Sanjay Rao on rebuilding his startup after the shutdown

Entrepreneurial comebacks are rare and extremely tough. But then, founders are known to bounce back after failed startups.

However, reinventing the same startup after shutting it down ranks amongst the rarest of rare.

Meet Monkeybox founder Sanjay Rao. Nearly two years after shutting down the startup, Rao is launching it again. He’s applying all the lessons from the failure.

When it announced “a temporary shutdown” in March 2018, Monkeybox was delivering around 10,000 meals to school kids every day.

“We didn’t want to compromise on the quality of our means and services, so we had to shut it down. Now, the parents and schools we worked with want us back, and we have new backers too," he says.

Tune in, and listen to the Monkeybox story.

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