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Erickshaws can charge batteries in a minute now in Noida with E-Chargeup Solution


Startup E-Chargeup provides solution for quick and effective way for charging e-rickshaws batteries, making it possible for the drivers to save time.

Erickshaws can charge batteries in a minute now in Noida with E-Chargeup Solution
At a time when erickshaws have become the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation for commuters across cities, E-Chargeup Solutions, a startup, has come up with an easy battery swapping solution for these electric vehicles.
The startup provides solutions for a quick and effective way for charging erickshaws batteries, making it possible for the drivers to save time. The company has set up new battery-swapping station for these electric vehicles in Noida.
E-Chargeup Solutions founder and chief executive officer Varun Goenka said these vehicles provide last mile urban transportation but have been limited in their adoption by the lack of battery charging.
"Such stations are a quick and effective way for erickshaws to operate without the loss of time in charging batteries. They don’t lose fares because the batteries in their vehicles can be replaced quickly and their used ones are left behind to charge for others to use," Goenka said.
"This is the ultimate expression of a sharing economy in which assets are shared to facilitate business operations," Goenka said, "The first battery-swapping station has been operational over the past six months with 35 registered e-rickshaws covering 6000 km daily."
With advanced indigenously developed lithium Ion batteries from Greenfuel Energy Solutions, the company focuses on alternative fuels and transport.
Goenka added his company was targeting the 1.7 million erickshaws through this unique franchise model where it will offer battery swapping and related services to rickshaw owners.
"There was an inherent efficiency in the model because there was no waiting interval for charging the batteries, a much better range, a hundred percent increase in driver revenue, and reduction in battery weight from 120 to 28 kg. This ensures the smooth running of the rickshaws and zero maintenance cost," he explained.
Akshay Kashyap, managing director Greenfuel, which is the provider of batteries to E-Chargeup Solutions, said that for the erickshaw ecosystem, battery swapping was the right kind of solution for these vehicles.
"This basically means that an e-rickshaw owner can go in for a battery swapping option in which he goes to a charging station and replaces his discharged battery with a new, fully charged battery in a minute and can be back to the road without sacrificing income," Kashyap said.
The company, which began its journey in February 2019, said on the inauguration day itself, it registered eleven customers for its daily battery swapping subscription plan.

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