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    Nita Ambani looks to strengthen India's Olympic push as first ‘Olympic Values Education Programme’ launched

    Nita Ambani looks to strengthen India's Olympic push as first ‘Olympic Values Education Programme’ launched

    Nita Ambani looks to strengthen India's Olympic push as first ‘Olympic Values Education Programme’ launched
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    The first Olympic Values Education Programme in India was inaugurated today in Odisha, ahead of the forthcoming IOC 2023 session.

    IOC Member, Mrs Nita Ambani lauded the launch of India’s first ‘Olympic Values Education Programme’ (OVEP) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Odisha. Ambani emphasised that OVEP combines the twin powers of education and sport in instilling the core values of Olympism.
    “India is a land of great opportunities and infinite possibilities,” said IOC member Nita Ambani. “We have over 250 million children in our schools, brimming with talent and potential. They are the champions of tomorrow, the future of our nation."
    The IOC has created the OVEP as a practical set of resources to educate young people on the Olympic principles of excellence, respect, and friendship. The program's goal is to spread this values-based education in order to assist youngsters to become active, healthy, and responsible citizens.
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    Ambani led a team supporting India's bid to host the IOC Session in 2023 earlier this year, and India was nearly unanimously given the rights after a 40-year wait.
    "Only a small number of children in the world may become Olympians, but every child can be touched by the ideals of Olympism. That is the mission of OVEP, and that is what makes it a huge opportunity for India. As we prepare to host the IOC Session 2023 in Mumbai next year, I look forward to further strengthening the Olympic Movement in our country,” Ambani explained.
    Nita Ambani serves on many Olympic Movement committees, including OVEP, which comes under Olympic Education and helps instil basic Olympic ideals in youth.
    The IOC Session in India should bolster the country's ultimate Olympic objectives with a sports ecosystem that encourages and empowers the youth to polish their abilities and bring worldwide honours
    The OVEP was officially launched by the Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik, IOC Member Mrs Nita Ambani, IOC Education Commission Chair Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski, Olympian and member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission Abhinav Bindra and President of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Narinder Batra.
    Notably, for the Odisha Reliance Foundation Athletics High-Performance Center, the Reliance Foundation collaborates closely with the Odisha Government (HPC).
    Jyothi Yarraji and Amlan Borgohain, both Reliance Foundation athletes from the HPC, smashed national records and won medals at international sporting events in the last month. Jyothi has been on a tear, first surpassing a 19-year-old national record and then shattering her own in the subsequent event. With this achievement, Jyothi has attained the AFI qualification time for the Commonwealth Games, demonstrating that Indian sports are in good hands.
    About the OVEP-Odisha program
    The OVEP-based projects and activities help address the global challenges of sedentary lifestyles, lack of concentration, and adolescents dropping out of school. The resources and toolkits are designed to make it possible for young people to enjoy and learn from physical activity and gain lifelong social, cognitive and physical skills.
    In its first year, the programme aims to impact 32,000 children enrolled in 90 schools in the cities of Bhubaneswar and Rourkela and, once in full swing, it will reach around 7 million children. The state of Odisha intends to take OVEP to all its schools and higher education institutions in a phased manner, thereby enabling its young population to truly take on board the Olympic values. 
    Olympic Values Education Programme
    The Olympic Values Education Programme is a series of free and accessible teaching resources created by the IOC, to complement academic curricula using the context of Olympic sports and the core principles of Olympism.
    Participants are encouraged to experience values-based learning and to assume the responsibilities of good citizenship.
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