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India vs Pakistan ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Highlights: Babar, Rizwan power PAK to 10-wicket win over IND


Follow all the highlights from the T20 World Cup 2021, Super 12 stage encounter between India and Pakistan at the Dubai International Stadium on October 24.

India vs Pakistan ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Highlights: Babar, Rizwan power PAK to 10-wicket win over IND
  • That brings us to the end of our live coverage from today's matches. Wins for both chasing teams as Sri Lanka and Pakistan grabbed two points against Bangladesh and India respectively. Join us again tomorrow as Afghanistan go up against Scotland at 7:30 PM IST. Till then it's goodbye and goodnight. 

  • Babar Azam: This was the team's effort, and the early wickets were very helpful. It gave us a lot of confidence and our spinners were very good as well. We applied our plans and got the results. We, the openers, kept it simple and built a partnership and because the wicket was getting better so we just wanted to keep batting till the end, which we did. It won't get easier just because we beat India. We will take the confidence, but we're taking it one match at a time, and there's a long way to go in the tournament. We prepared well, and just kept the history out of our mind. We needed quality practice, and warm-up matches, and even our domestic tournament and those games gave us a lot of confidence.

  • Virat Kohli: We didn't execute properly. Credit where it's due and Pakistan outplayed us today. They started brilliantly with the ball, and 3 wickets for 20 runs was not a good start. We needed wickets early but with the bat they gave us absolutely no chances. It played slow in the first half and hitting through the line was not that easy as it was in the second half, after 10 overs. We needed those 15-20 extra runs and for that we needed a good start but Pakistan's bowling didn't allow us to get those extra runs. We could make the argument of getting in another slower bowler, but it's important to stay composed and understand our strengths, because with the dew the slower bowlers couldn't be effective either. This is just the first game of the tournament, not the last.

  • Shaheen Afridi - Man of the Match: It is the good wishes of my parents and all Pakistanis. Very happy with my performance. The plan was to bring the ball back in. I was just trying to swing it and I was just looking to give the team a breakthrough. That was what I practiced in the nets as well yesterday. Batting against the new ball was tough. The credit goes to Babar and Rizwan for the way they played. All teams are good in the tournament and we will look to carry this momentum through and go to the finals.

  • Pakistan hit the ground at breakneck speed and left India floored with a dominant performance to register their first victory over the Men in Blue in a World Cup encounter. Many questions to answer for Virat Kohli and co. after what Sunil Gavaskar has just described as a "proper hammering" in their T20 World Cup opener. India looked shaky with the bat and the bowlers never posed any threat with the Pakistani openers going about their business without ever looking troubled. 

  • Pakistan win by 10 wickets.

  • Rizwan gets off to a blistering start in the over with 6,4,4 off the first three deliveries. With three runs needed he flicks the 4th ball to long-on to give his captain the chance to grab the winning runs. Babar isn’t going to deny the opportunity as he drills the 5th delivery to long-on and they run hard to come back for the second. 

    Pakistan 152/0 after 17.5 overs. 

  • FOUR! Three in a row now as Rizwan pulls the short ball through square leg. Surely it's just a matter of time now. 

  • FOUR! Full onto the pads this time and Rizwan powers it through mid-wicket for consecutive boundaries. 

  • SIX! A waist-high full toss from Shami and Rizwan dutifully deposits it into the stands over fine leg. 

  • Both batters grab singles off the first deliveries from Bhuvi. The 3rd ball is full outside off and Rizwan reaches out but doesn't get any bat onto it. Bhuvi goes wide again but this time it’s well beyond the line and he has to reload. Rizwan grabs a single at long-on on the 4th ball. The next ball is wide again and Bhuvi has to bowl that again. Babar slaps the 5th ball to long-off and they rush back for 2. Bhuvi nails the wide yorker on the last ball and Babar isn’t pleased as he expected it to be called wide. 7 off the over. 17 needed from 18 balls. 

    Pakistan 135/0 after 17 overs. 

  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar [2.0-0-18-0] comes back into the attack. 

  • Pakistan are cruising along now as Rizwan pulls the 1st ball for FOUR. Shami responds well but cannot stop the batters from grabbing singles in the over. These two are well settled and it’s difficult to see how India fight back from this stage. 7 runs come off the over. 24 needed from 24 balls. 

    Pakistan 128/0 after 16 overs. 

  • FOUR! Rizwan swivels as he pulls the 1st delivery from Shami powerfully past the man at deep square leg. 

  • Mohammed Shami [2.0-0-19-0] returns to the attack

  • This isn’t looking good at all for India as not even Bumrah is able to break the rhythm of the Pakistani openers. Rizwan pulls the 2nd ball for FOUR to bring up his FIFTY. He then works the 3rd ball through mid-wicket for 2 runs. They pick singles with ease off the next 3 balls to close out the over. 9 runs off the over. 

    Pakistan 121/0 after 15 overs. 

  • FIFTY up for Rizwan! 52 (41)

  • FOUR! This is some batting display as Rizwan this time pulls it along the ground to cow corner to bring up his FIFTY! 

  • Jasprit Bumrah [2.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack.

  • Rizwan sweeps the 1st delivery from Jadeja for a single. Babar shows impeccable timing as he pulls the next ball along the ground for FOUR. They grab singles off the next two balls. Jadeja errs in his line on the last ball and is again punished as the Pakistani captain dispatches it for FOUR. 11 runs off the over. 

    Pakistan 112/0 after 14 overs. 

  • FOUR! Loose down leg and Babar punishes Jadeja sending the ball racing to fine leg. 

  • FOUR! Babar rocks onto the backfoot and pulls the shorter delivery from Jadeja through mid-wicket. 

  • Varun has been economical so far but gets punished in his final over. Babar grabs a single off the 1st ball but Rizwan sends the 2nd ball flying over cow corner for SIX. Rizwan then gives his captain the strike with a quick single. Babar brings up his FIFTY with a mighty heave over mid-wicket for another SIX. Both batters end the over with singles off the last two balls. 16 runs off the over as Pakistan get past the 100-run mark. 

    Pakistan 101/0 after 13 overs. 

  • FIFTY up for Babar! 51 (40)

  • SIX! Now Babar gets into the act as he waits back and hacks the ball high over deep mid-wicket to bring up his FIFTY! 

  • SIX! Rizwan gets down on one knee and goes for the slog sweep. He just gets enough on it to clear the fielder over cow corner for a maximum. 

  • Varun Chakaravarthy [3.0-0-17-0] returns to the attack for his final over.

  • Jadeja is quick to get through his over as usual and does well to deny any boundaries but India need wickets to get back into this game. The Pakistani openers are cruising along nicely at the moment and rarely seemed troubled at the crease. 5 runs come off the over. 67 needed from 48 balls now.

    Pakistan 85/0 after 12 overs. 

  • Ravindra Jadeja [2.0-0-13-0] comes back into the attack

Hello and welcome to this blockbuster encounter as India reignite their on-field rivalry against neighbours Pakistan at the T20 World Cup Super 12 stage. It's the tournament opener for both sides and it couldn't get tougher than this. No time to ease into the tournament as the adrenaline will be pumping in both sets of players who will be well aware of the high expectations from their fans.
Remember, India have never lost to Pakistan in any World Cup encounter till date and Virat Kohli will want to keep it that way come the end of this clash.