homesmart tech NewsThe era of smart toilet and how it is ready to change our lives

The era of smart toilet and how it is ready to change our lives

The era of smart toilet and how it is ready to change our lives
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By Sept 28, 2021 10:44:14 AM IST (Published)

Artificial intelligence in the washroom? Much to privacy activists’ chagrin, techies are hellbent on turning toilets into health monitors.

The world has moved to smart devices integrating themselves into our lives. From the ubiquitous smartphones to the increasingly popular smartwatches. But smart toilets? Advancing technology may soon make smart toilets a part of our everyday reality.

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Researchers from the Stanford School of Medicine managed to develop a smart toilet that would recognise a users’ “anal print” that is unique to them and the “distinctive features of their anoderm (the skin of their anal canal),” reported The Wall Street Journal.
Other companies are also on the way to develop toilets that monitor health by sampling poop. One such company is Coprata, which is working on a toilet that uses sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse waste.
“Having technology that tracks what is normal for an individual could provide an early warning that a checkup is needed,” said Sonia Grego, a Co-Founder of Coprata.

“It’s very difficult to know when to escalate or de-escalate treatment,” Grego says. “Stool-based biomarkers can provide that information.”
The Stanford researchers’ technology, which can be used to track “the flow rate and volume of urine using computer vision as a uroflowmeter,” will soon be seen in the Korean toilet maker’s Izen’s prototypes that are expected to be used in clinical trials by the end of the year.
But while smart toilets can potentially have health benefits for several individuals, privacy activists are concerned about such intimate data being collected. Especially since such data would be medically sensitive as well.
But like it or not, the era of smart toilets may be upon us.

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