Motilal Oswal
    NIFTY 50
Motilal Oswal
Assembly Elections 2018
108 W : 0 , L : 108
110 W : 0 , L : 110
12 W : 0 , L : 12
W : Win , L : LeadLive Coverage
December 11, 2018 12.00 pm

Halftime Report

As the name suggests, this show takes stock of the market internals at the half point of the day. On top of the hour, viewers get a recap of all the stocks that have moved and then get the trading strategies for the second half of the day. This is also a show in which the global and macro setup are discussed at length apart from addressing viewer queries on personal finance. The show also focuses on the moves in the big world of currencies and commodities and gets some strategies to play those markets.

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