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Seven practical tips to save extra money while shopping online

Seven practical tips to save extra money while shopping online

Seven practical tips to save extra money while shopping online
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By Yuvraj Aman Singh  Aug 2, 2019 7:15:47 PM IST (Updated)

Online shopping discounts will slowly become more realistic and customers have to be innovative to get maximum discount from their purchase.

Online shopping has caught attention of many Indians to save money. Valuation of some of the top e-commerce companies surpassed valuation of mid-sized FMCG companies. Profitability of e-commerce companies is still a distant dream.

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In order to gain customer, offering deep discounts seems to be the survival tactic. Strategy is very simple -- to make customer habitual online shoppers. Slowly online shopping discounts will be more realistic and customers have to be innovative to get maximum discount from their purchase. In short, any discount offered is savings for customer.
Let’s check out tips and tricks to save money while shopping online.
Add products to shopping cart and leave:
One of the best ways to get online shopping discount is to add products you wish to buy into the shopping cart. After adding products, simply log out from the website. It is also known as abandoned cart. Now, you should wait for a few days and you will receive a discount coupon through email or SMS to complete online shopping order.
Discount on high-value shopping: Some e-commerce sites offer more discount if total purchase value crosses a particular limit. For example, one of the fashion website was offering 20 percent extra discount if total purchase value is more than Rs 10,000. Now, it’s a wrong strategy to buy more just to get discount. Best solution is to do cost benefit analysis.
Discount coupon: E-commerce companies themselves are circulating / floating online shopping discount coupons. Discount coupons have lost their exclusivity. The logic of an e-commerce company is very simple. To create an impression that online shopping means discount or savings. Secondly, customers who are not tech savvy may buy without discount which will compensate for customers who bought with discount. In short, to retain market share of deal seekers at any cost. These deal seekers are solely responsible for the growth of online shopping in India.
Price comparison: Price comparison websites show current price of a particular product on various e-commerce websites. In market place model, a particular seller may offer cheapest price but it is important to check credibility of a seller. Comparing prices online of products helps you analyse and invest money on the right side and site.
New customer: Online marketing has evolved over a period of time. Now-a-days, marketing team of e-commerce players run special campaigns for new customers. It can be found out through cookies on your laptop/desktop. A discount is offered over the air to new potential customers or to new members who sign up with new emails and ID’s for online shopping.
Festival season: Best time to buy or get deep discounts is during festival season especially between Dussehra and Diwali. Competition is tough and people are willing to spend. Purchase all big-ticket items during this period and get some good deals. With a competition in market, the benefit of discounts and schemes falls into your lap.
Shop through mobile app: Last but not the least, a new trend has emerged to make customer shop through mobile app. Heavy discounts are offered for shopping through mobile app. This is a benefit both for the customers and the company. Apps become easy to access rather than websites and maximum numbers of apps installed is a benefit for the company itself.
With such benefits, you can save a lot of money on products which are costlier and sometimes out of your pocket.
Yuvraj Aman Singh is the CEO of Rocking Deals.
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