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Instagram threatening Amazon with its e-trade plans

Updated : June 27, 2019 08:44 AM IST

In his first public interview on the company's future strategy since taking over at Instagram last October, Mosseri told an English daily that his plan for the firm is to "connect the dots thoughtfully" among shoppers, sellers and what he called Instagram's huge number of "influencers."
Mosseri's idea is for the photo platform, owned by Facebook, to leave behind its mainly visual aspect as a virtual space on which users can show images to other Web surfers to transform itself into a sales portal, the Efe news reported.
Among other things, Mosseri defended introducing at Instagram e-commerce functions like the "shopping bag" - similar to the shopping cart on other Websites - and "native checkout," where shoppers can purchase goods directly on Instagram without leaving the app.
Instagram threatening Amazon with its e-trade plans

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