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Amazon's first CFO killed by company's delivery van

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Amazon's first CFO killed by company's delivery van

Amazon's first CFO killed by company's delivery van
Former Amazon chief financial officer Joy Covey was killed after a collision with a van that was delivering Amazon's own packages.
Covey was killed in the collision in 2013 was already known, but the fact that the collision happened during a delivery of Amazon packages is newly revealed information.
According to a report by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica News, Joy Covey was enjoying a leisurely afternoon bike ride in California when a delivery van veered left directly into her path.
"I heard a scream, immediately followed by a crash," the van's driver reportedly testified.
"Statistically at this scale, traffic incidents have occurred and will occur again, but these are exceptions, and we will not be satisfied until we achieve zero incidents across our delivery operations," the report quoted Amazon's statement.
As per the report, Amazon provided a statement, calling the investigation "another attempt by ProPublica and BuzzFeed to push a preconceived narrative that is simply untrue. Nothing is more important to us than safety."
Investigations by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica News this year revealed that drivers delivering Amazon packages had been involved in more than 60 crashes that led to serious injuries, including 10 deaths.
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