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Poll Pourri: Trump boasts of his 'least-racist' qualities; Biden warns of dark winter

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Poll Pourri: Trump boasts of his 'least-racist' qualities; Biden warns of dark winter


Here's a round-up of major events from the campaign in the US Presidential Elections 2020

Poll Pourri: Trump boasts of his 'least-racist' qualities; Biden warns of dark winter
Much of the action overnight revolved around the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, the second (and final) debate between the two, and arguably much less chaotic than the first (thanks substantially to the newly-introduced mic-mute feature.)
Here's today's Poll Pourri, your daily round-up of the latest, most important developments in the US election campaign.
Who won the debate?
A CNN Instant Poll of debate watchers has said Joe Biden fared better in the final US Presidential debate with 53 percent saying he won, compared to 39 percent for Trump.
The second question is: does it matter? Over 40 million have already cast their vote -- there were a total of 138 million votes cast in the 2016 polls -- and in another online survey, only 9 percent said the outcome of the debate will change their mind over who they will vote for.
Biden warns of 'a dark winter'
Again, Biden made sure he skewered Trump's record on handling of the pandemic, telling Americans that he had no vision to deal with the pandemic and warning of "dark winter" that could kill another 200,000 on top of the roughly same number of people that have already died.
Trump's response has been the same it has been so far: shift the blame to China, say the worst is behind, that people are "learning to live with it", and that Biden would have instead killed the economy.
When questioned, Biden too did not offer any concrete on how we have dealt with the pandemic, only saying that he was not in favour of a lockdown but a safe opening with precautions.
Climate change goes mainstream
Trump and Biden clashed on the subject of climate, with Trump defending his decision to pull out of the Paris COP 21 agreement, which Biden said he would rejoin as President.
Trump, who has maintained that the COP 21 was too lenient towards emerging economies, said China, India and Russia had "filthy air".
Analysts said the subject of climate being included at a presidential debate was a welcome move. They must have also been mighty relieved Trump didn't call climate change a "hoax invented by China".
The least racist person in the room?
After Biden called Trump "one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history", how could one not expect Trump to retort with bombast? "I am the least racist person in the room", he claimed, adding that he had done more for people of colour than any president since Abraham Lincoln.
Trump's basis for that claim is rather mixed but his refusal to condemn white supremacists during the last debate ("proud boys, stand down and stand by", he had said) had come in for criticism.
Joe Biden tried to cash in on that. Except he ended up calling them "poor boys" instead, much to Twitter's amusement.
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