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    Narendra Modi, Saudi Crown Prince hold talks to expand ties: Here's what experts have to say

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    Narendra Modi, Saudi Crown Prince hold talks to expand ties: Here's what experts have to say

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman on Wednesday explored ways to further deepen strategic ties, in talks taking place in the backdrop of India's escalating tension with Pakistan following the Pulwama terror attack.
    The crown prince arrived here on a less than 30-hour visit Tuesday night, a day after concluding his high-profile tour of Pakistan where he said dialogue was the only way to resolve "outstanding issues" between India and Pakistan.
    During the delegation level talks, New Delhi would strongly take up the issue of cross border terrorism and the support Islamabad was extending to terror groups carrying out attacks on India.
    Mohammed Ayoob, non-resident senior fellow, Center for Global Policy; KC Singh, former diplomat; Anil Trigunayat, former diplomat and Jonah Blank, Journalist discuss the key takeaways of the meeting.
    Singh said, “The Prime Minister did not use the word Pakistan, he just used Pulwama. Of course, the Crown Prince used neither. He just kept it in a very anodyne way to what is called motherhood and apple pie. We are all against terrorism, for them terrorism means Iran. So you do not know which terrorism they are talking about. Does he really mean the terrorism that is affecting us because much of that money and support comes from within Saudi Arabia to many of these groups?"
    Mohammed Ayoob said, “Pakistan is strategically very important to Saudi Arabia and has been for some time. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share certain goals regarding Afghanistan, particularly now that the US seems to be on the cusp of withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the Taliban may stage or are likely to stage a comeback as a result.”
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