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    Govt working for 'Hum do, humare do', says Rahul on farm laws: Key highlights

    Govt working for 'Hum do, humare do', says Rahul on farm laws: Key highlights

    Govt working for 'Hum do, humare do', says Rahul on farm laws: Key highlights
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    Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is set to make a statement in both the Houses of Parliament in the ongoing budget session on Thursday on the Ladakh situation

    India and China have reached an agreement on disengagement of troops from the north and south banks of the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Under the agreement, Singh said both sides will cease their forward deployments in a phased, coordinated and verified manner in these areas.
    The defence minister assured the House that India has not conceded anything while entering into the disengagement process, adding there are "some outstanding issues" with regard to deployment and patrolling at some other points along the LAC in eastern Ladakh.
    Indian and Chinese militaries were locked in a bitter standoff in eastern Ladakh for over nine months.
    Here are the key highlights of the day from the Parliament:
    # This Budget shows a hope - a hope to build new India, a hope for stronger India, a hope to build Aatmanirbhar Bharat. I would like to thank the Finance Minister because this is going to set the path to make India an economic & manufacturing powerhouse: MoS Finance Anurag Thakur
    # But he was neither present for the entire duration of Budget nor does he has the habit of being in the House. Kuch log sadan mein bhi kam rehte hain aur desh mein bhi kam rehte hain. This is what happens after that: MoS Finance Anurag Thakur, in Lok Sabha
    # A senior MP was speaking before me, so I thought he must be knowing rules of this House and that if one issue has already been discussed, it is not discussed again. Secondly, I can understand that he was not prepared for Budget (to speak on it): MoS Finance Anurag Thakur in LS while taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi
    # MPs of Congress, TMC, DMK, at Rahul Gandhi's appeal, stand to observe silence in Lok Sabha to condole the death of farmers during protests.
    # Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaks in Lok Sabha on the farm laws. Yesterday while addressing the House, PM said that the Opposition is talking about the agitation but not about the content and intent of farm laws. I thought I should make him happy today and speak on the content and intent of the laws: Rahul Gandhi
    The content of the first law is that one can have unlimited purchase of foodgrains, fruits & vegetables anywhere in the country. If the purchase is unlimited anywhere in the country, then who would go to Mandis? The content of the first law is to finish the mandis: Rahul Gandhi
    The content of the second law is that big businessmen can store as much food grains, fruits and vegetables as they want. They can hoard as much as they want. Content of the second law is to end the Essential Commodities Act. It is, to start unlimited hoarding in India: Rahul Gandhi
    The content of the third law is that when a farmer goes before the biggest businessman of India to demand the right price for his crops, he will not be allowed to go to the Court: Rahul Gandhi
    There was a slogan for family planning 'Hum do hamare do'. Like Corona comes back in a different form, this slogan has come back in a different form. Nation is run by 4 people - 'Hum do hamare do'. Everyone knows their names. Whose government is it, of 'hum do, hamare do': Rahul Gandhi
    The intent of the first law is to give one friend, the right to have all crops of India. Who'll be at loss? 'thelawalas', small businessmen and those working in the mandis: Rahul Gandhi
    The intent of the second law is to help the second friend. He keeps 40 percent of India's crops in his storage: Rahul Gandhi
    PM Modi says he has given options. Yes, you gave three options - hunger, unemployment and suicide, says Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha
    # Defence Minister Rajnath Singh speaks in Lok Sabha, on ‘Present Situation in Eastern Ladakh’.
    Since last September, both sides (India & China) have maintained communication with each other through military and diplomatic channels. Our objective was to effect disengagement and maintain status quo along the LAC so as to restore peace and tranquillity: Rajnath Singh
    Our Armed Forces responded to challenges by unilateral Chinese action and have shown valour and courage on both South and North bank of Pangong Tso. Many strategic points were identified and our troops positioned themselves at locations very important from our point of view: Defence Minister
    It is because of this bravery of our Armed Forces in harsh adverse climatic conditions that we maintained the edge. Our Armed Forces proved yet again that territorial integrity of our country remains safe in their hands and their grit and determination is unwavering: Defence Minister
    I want to assure this House that in these talks we have not conceded anything. The House should also know that there are still some outstanding issues with regard to deployment and patrolling at some other points along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh: Defence Minister
    These will be focus of further discussions with the Chinese side. We have agreed that both sides should achieve complete disengagement at the earliest and abide fully by the bilateral agreements and protocols. By now, the Chinese side is also fully aware of our resolve: Defence Minister
    The agreement that we have been able to reach with the Chinese side for disengagement in Pangong lake area envisages that both sides will cease their forward deployments in a phased, coordinated and verified manner: Defence Minister
    Chinese side will keep its troop presence in the North Bank area to east of Finger 8. Indian troops will be based at their permanent base at Dhan Singh Thapa Post near Finger 3. Similar action would be taken in the South Bank area by both sides: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
    Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar arrives at Parliament to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The visit comes two days after the Chief Minister expanded his Cabinet.
    • 340 non-performing officers prematurely retired between July 2014 and 2020, says Govt: A total of 340 non-performing officers were prematurely retired by the government in the past six years, Parliament was informed on Thursday. In a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said, "As per the information/data provided by different ministries/ departments/cadre controlling authorities, provisions of FR 56(J)/similar rules have been invoked against 171 Group A central government officers, including All India Services officers, and 169 Group B officers of different ministries/departments during the period from July 2014 to December 2020." The rules have provisions to retire a government employee in the public interest, prematurely for being allegedly corrupt and non-performing, among others. As on March 1, 2018, the sanctioned strength of civilian regular employees under the central government is 38,02,779 and 31,18,956 employees are in position, he said. "Vacancies in the central government are caused due to retirement, resignation, death, promotion, and the posts falling vacant are required to be filled as per the recruitment rules by the concerned ministries/departments/organisation," Singh said.
    • 588 cases pending investigation by CBI for over a year, says Govt: As many as 588 regular cases (RCs) were pending investigation for over a year by the CBI as on December 31, 2020, Parliament was informed on Thursday. "As on 31.12.2019, CBI had 711 number of regular cases pending investigation for over a year; whereas, the figure of such cases as on 31.12.2020 was 588," Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha. There were six such cases against political persons in 2020, according to the reply. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probes complex and voluminous cases against public servants, firms, banks, private persons, which at times pertain to very old transactions or incidents, the minister said. Many of these cases involve an investigation spread over several states and Union territories, he pointed out. "Moreover, cases also remain pending for considerable time for want of expert opinion, execution reports of Letter Rogatories, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) etc. that are sent for collecting evidence as well as for investigation in foreign countries. The recent COVID-19 pandemic situation has also adversely affected the pace of investigation of cases, despite CBI making all-out efforts to dispose of these cases on priority," Singh said.
    • 1,374 vacant posts in CBI, says govt: As many as 1,374 posts were vacant in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as on December 31, 2020, Parliament was informed on Thursday. Of the sanctioned strength of 7,273 posts, 5,899 were filled, according to a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha by Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh. Of the 5,000 posts of executive ranks, 4,171 were filled. There was an actual strength of 284 and 66 against the sanctioned strength of 370 and 162 for the legal and ministerial ranks respectively, the reply said. Of the 1,671 posts of ministerial ranks, 1,353 were filled. There were 25 canteen staff working with the probe agency against their sanctioned strength of 70, it added. "Time to time, proactive efforts are made to ensure filling up of the vacancies at all ranks expeditiously," Singh said.
    • 7 IAS officers arrested for corruption in the past 3 years, says Govt in Rajya Sabha: Seven officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) were arrested in the last three years, Parliament was informed on Thursday. In a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said, "As per information received from 27 state governments/Union Territories, 7 officers belonging to Indian Administrative Service have been arrested for corruption during the last three years." According to information received from the Ministry of Home Affairs, one Indian Police Service (IPS) officer serving under the Uttar Pradesh government was found involved in a criminal case during the period from September 2020 till date, Singh said. "The said IPS officer has been placed under suspension and disciplinary proceedings have also been initiated against him by the state government," he added.
    • Rajnath: These are mutual and reciprocal steps and any structures that had been built by both sides since April 2020 in both North and South Bank area will be removed and the landforms will be restored.
    • Rajnath: It has also been agreed to convene the next meeting of the Senior Commanders within 48 hours after the complete disengagement in the Pangong Lake area so as to address and resolve all other remaining issues.
    • Rajnath: As a result of our well thought out approach and sustained talks with the Chinese side, we have now been able to reach an agreement on disengagement in the North and South Bank of the Pangong Lake.
    • Disengagement at LAC began on Wednesday. Status quo will be restored, says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha.
      • Rajnath: China will keep its troops to the east of the Finger 8 at the north bank of Pangong Lake. India will keep its troops at its permanent base near Finger 3.
      • Rajnath: First, both parties must agree on LAC & respect it. Secondly, there shouldn't be an attempt to change the status unilaterally, by any party. Thirdly, all the compromises should be completely agreed upon by both parties.
      • Rajnath: Since last year, we have maintained a relationship with China on military & diplomatic levels. During the talks, we told China that we want a solution of the issue based on three principles.
      • Rajnath: No matter which party you belong to, the country stands united when it comes to national security.
      • Rajnath: We've begun talks over the North-South bank of Pangong Lake Some issues over deployment at LAC are yet to be resolved, Both sides agreed that complete disengagement to be done at the earliest.
      • Rajnath: Many fraction areas are built near LAC in Eastern Ladakh. China has collected heavy force & arms and ammunition near LAC & in the nearby area on their side. Our forces have also adequate and effectively done counter deployment.
      • Rajnath: Our sustained talks with China have led to agreement on disengagement on the north and south banks of Pangong Lake. After this agreement, India-China will remove forward deployments in a phased, coordinated manner.
      • Rajnath: Our security forces have proved that they are ready to face any challenge to protect the sovereignty of the country.
      • Rajnath: We are committed to maintaining a peaceful situation at the Line of Control. India has always emphasised on maintaining bilateral ties.
      • Defence Minister Rajnath Singh makes a statement on ‘present situation in Eastern Ladakh’ in Rajya Sabha.
      • Here are the main points from his statement:
        -China had gathered troops in big numbers at the LAC in April 2020.
        -Several Chinese attempts at transgressions have been foiled.
        -India and China have been in touch via diplomatic and military channels.
        -India has never accepted unjustified boundary claims by China.
        -Disruption of peace and tranquility at LAC strongly affects India China ties.
        -India has made it clear that there must be disengagement at all friction points.
        -China has gathered weapon systems and troops in large numbers at the LAC.
        -We have also deployed troops in big numbers at strategic locations. Both sides must accept and respect the LAC.
        -India has asked for forward deployments to be pulled back.
        -We will not cede any piece of land. We are reaching the stage of an agreement.
        -We have reached an agreement with China for disengagement on South and North Pangong Lake.
        -Top military officials will meet in 48 hours. China will pull back its troops to the east of finger 8.
        -India will also pull its troops back to finger 3.
        -Disengagement at LAC began on Wednesday. Status quo will be restored.
        • Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in Rajya Sabha: "We respect social media a lot, it has empowered common people. Social media has a big role in Digital India programme. However, if social media is misused to spread fake news, violence then action will be taken."
        • Congress MP Manickam Tagore has given adjournment motion notice in Lok Sabha over the rise in fuel prices.
        • In last 2 days, the average productivity of Lok Sabha was over 150%: In the last two days, the average productivity of the Lower House of Parliament was more than 150 per cent, the Lok Sabha Secretariat said on Wednesday. There were four days of disruptions and repeated adjournments, but under the guidance of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla the productivity of the House jumped in the last two days and it sat past midnight till 1 am on Tuesday, it said in a statement. Birla himself held fort till the very end on Tuesday, the timing of the House was extended till midnight and then again till 1 am to accommodate all the members who spoke, the statement said. On February 8, the productivity of the House reached 142 per cent while on February 9, productivity reached 180 percent, the secretariat said. In the last two days, 69 members spoke while 62 members tabled their speeches. Birla has been providing enough time for every Member to speak, it said.
        • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said during the UPA regime "indifference" and "callousness" was shown towards border infrastructure development and asserted that work was being carried out at a fast pace in this direction by his government, including along the Line of Actual Control. In his reply in Lok Sabha to a discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address, Modi said that for any country's defence, border infrastructure development is of high importance. "But in UPA's time, indifference and callousness was shown towards it. We cannot discuss it publicly as it is not good from the point of view of the country's security. It was the result of the thinking that there is nobody there, there are no votes and when soldiers will go, they will go," he said.
        • Parliament Schedule for Thursday, February 11
        • LOK SABHA
          -Further discussion on Union Budget
          RAJYA SABHA
          -Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to make a statement on the present situation in eastern Ladakh
            —With inputs from agencies
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